Each of us is a unique spark of the Divine, here to shine our authentic selves. We have a reason for being here on earth, a purpose our soul urges us to express.

Our worldly experiences taught most of us that we need to be the same as others to be worthy, to be of value, to be loved and accepted. And that created in us a belief that there was something wrong with us for being our unique selves.

Then we spent a great part of our lives trying to be what we are not, trying to fit in to be accepted and loved; and that made us less authentic, and it never worked to give us what we were looking for.

There is no one else just like you, no matter how similar they may appear. Thus there is no need to compare yourself to anyone else.

I believe our “job” is to uncover the lies behind any beliefs that limit us, so we can live our lives fully expressed.
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That requires a great deal of self-love and approval.

Love gives us the courage to stand out from the crowd.

Love allows us to speak our minds, no matter what others think of us.

Love empowers and fills us up, making us kinder, more thoughtful, less judgmental and more compassionate to ourselves.

And that ripples out and spreads out from our hearts to others.

Love also gives us the courage to change.

We are here to add to life on earth. Life is all about growth. Change is inevitable as we grow; however, it takes courage to say, “What I believed yesterday is no longer true for me.”

Especially if we say it publicly.

But we have to be willing to risk as we expand our awareness, or we stagnate and wither.

I believe that love fuels faith – and faith is another essential to living our soul purpose.

There are times when we have no idea of anything. We are in an “in-between” state and cannot see what lies ahead.

With no certainty to buoy us, we have to have faith in a higher power who wants more for us than we can ever imagine.

We must learn to follow the quiet inner voice of our soul and trust that we are being guided by our intuition.

That takes great courage and confidence that only love and faith provide.

Is your soul urging you to expand?

Do you feel as if something is missing, and you can’t figure out what that is?

Perhaps you are already successful, and you feel like you’re ungrateful to want more, yet you do.

Heart Powered Coaching serves women who feel that soul urge to be more, but are uncertain of how to do that.
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