Don’t Die With Your Music Still Inside You

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Don’t Die With Your Music Still Inside You

I love that quote from Wayne Dyer. It is a message I do my best to live by. I believe each of us has something unique to share with our world; and whether that’s a large or small number of people doesn’t matter.

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How do you know what you are here to share? Start by just being yourself. Are you tender-hearted? Find a way to let that flourish while at the same time not taking on other people’s problems as your own. Do you love to serve others? Then serve, but only when it’s good for everyone involved.

But it isn’t always easy.

I recently watched a moving YouTube video that brought Dr. Dyer’s success secret present to mind again. The renowned actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins, was a musician before he became an actor, and at age 19 he wrote a waltz.

Apparently he was afraid to hear it played and kept it to himself for 50 years.

Sir Anthony admired Dutch violinist Andre Rieu and sent the waltz to him. The video shows Sir Anthony seeing his waltz played for his first time.

The waltz is a beautiful piece and clearly would not have been performed by a world class orchestra had it not been of high quality.

It’s ironic that the actor who frightened all of us so effectively playing Hannibal Lecter kept this lovely waltz to himself for 50 years due to his fears.

Fear is part of the human condition; as is feeling not good enough.

And while everyone is susceptible to their fears if we are to complete our purpose here on earth, we cannot let our fears hold us back from our authentic expression.

What else would you say and do if you didn’t let your fears hold you back?

Remember that it’s never too late. Sir Anthony took fifty years to hear his waltz played, but he finally did take the risk to share it publicly.

Never let something like your age determine what you can do. If you still have life in you, you still have music to share.

Marylou HeenanMy sister Marylou Heenan is a great example of this. I remember talking with her a few years ago when she was considering selling her business and retiring. She wasn’t ready to stop working entirely and I asked her what else she could see herself doing. She chose to express more of her “music” as a financial advisor at a time of life when most people are looking at settling down.

What is your music?

Are you singing your song out loud or in your head?

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you love to do?

Don’t let your fear or feelings of not being good enough keep you from sharing your music with the world.

It does take courage. I left my secure career at age 59 to follow my heart’s desire and soul purpose. I think our souls urge us forever to fulfill that purpose and I don’t want to die with my music still in me.

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