Soaring with the Wings of an Eagle

EagleWho do you think you are?

I ask this question, not with the derisive tone or the wagging finger, rather from the place in my heart where I know you are magnificent beyond belief.

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And my hope is your answer comes from that same place within you.

Alan Cohen sent out this quote from A Course in Miracles yesterday morning and I grabbed onto it for the newsletter because it spoke to me of how I felt I had been living throughout most of my life.

Who would attempt to fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow
when the mighty power of an eagle has been given him?
~ A Course in Miracles

I didn’t know I had the capacity of the mighty power of the eagle. I had bought into the notion that I was a mere sparrow, very limited in what was possible for me.

But I’ve had a change of heart. I am far more convinced and convicted that each of us is powerful beyond measure. My soul keeps telling me this and urging me to share that message with the world.

The tiny wings of the sparrow are your ego, when the mighty power of the eagle is your soul.

In Seth Godin’s recent blog post called A Peter Corollary, he posed a modern day version of the Peter Principle.

“To be promoted beyond your level of confidence.”
Too often, the person who wrecks our work is us.
In every modern organization with upward mobility, good people are promoted until they get to the point where they lose their nerve.”

I believe the same is true in life and self-employment. When we believe we are the sparrow, we lack confidence to soar beyond out limiting beliefs.

But if there’s one mighty eagle out there, and God created each of us in love, would God have given more to one and less to another?

I don’t think so.

And, I go back to a favourite statement, “God did not create junk.”

So that means each and every one of us is created with the potential to soar with the mighty power of the eagle.

Expand your wings by exploring what makes your heart sing. What lights you up at the thought of being able to spend your time and life force energy doing it?

What did you love as a child?

What’s your passion been to explore throughout your life, even if you just saw this as a hobby or interest?

The answers lie within. Your eagle potential exists in your heart as your soul purpose.

What will it take for you to live from that purpose and soar?

Warmest, Rosemary

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Soaring with the Wings of an Eagle — 2 Comments

  1. What a beautiful comment by Alan Cohen & Thank You for sharing it, Rosemary!!! I have loved his writings for a long time and it is so appropriate in your terrific article!!! Sending You Big Warm & Applauding Smiles – always!!! JC

  2. Thanks Jack,
    Yes, Alan is a favourite of mine as well. And I love the Course in Miracles. I’m really looking forward to doing the musical version with James Twyman in January.