“Rosemary Heenan is one of those rare coaches who addresses the whole person... body, mind, and spirit. Her work in divining the road map for a given life is exceptional, and is extremely empowering for her clients. Not only does Rosemary use unique tools like hand print analysis, but she listens, really listens, with her own heart. I highly recommend Rosemary as a coach.”

Mary Alberici, PhD, www.sundarya.com   

“Before taking Rosemary Heenan’s Money Mindset Mastery Program, I was working hard but not making money. I was constantly worried about money yet what I was doing wasn't solving my problem. I was really unfocused and unmotivated as well. By taking this program I realized my negative thoughts were getting in the way of my success and zapping me of my energy. Hearing David talk about how he manifested his flight home when all the flights were cancelled really opened up my mind to the power that my mind has to create and accept what I need and want.

As a result of the Money Mindset Mastery Program my eyes were opened to the many opportunities that were right in front of me. I changed my networking methods which resulted in people calling me and booking me for consulting engagements, I learned to better price myself, and I decided I wanted to teach at the college and made it happen. I also learned to not say no and then ended up working with the most amazing company promoting their products. The dam has broken and I am on my way to the success I envision. My friends and family can definitely see a difference in my energy and happiness. The smile is back on my face and I know what I want and how to get it.”

Trudie Carlesso, Owner/President, Imperative Solves Inc., www.imperativesolves.com   

“A few years ago I started my Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre business based in my passion for spiritual healing and readings. It took me almost two years to create a website myself as I didn’t think I could afford to pay someone to do it for me. I rarely got an order from it and I didn't know how to take it further, how to get it out there, or how to believe that I could make a living doing what I love.

When you had the introduction to the Miracle of Money Program I was excited and knew that I needed to take that big leap of faith and sign up for this course.

I didn’t have the money to pay for the program but I decided I was going to have this course paid for prior to the start date. I didn’t want to ask anyone for help. This was about me and I wanted to do this on my own.

My other small business involves bookkeeping and preparing income taxes but it also generates income sporadically and never enough to pay all my bills. So I was nervous about where I was going to get the money for your program.

Amazingly, I picked up some new customers and two of my bigger customers who usually procrastinate gave me their taxes early this time. I was able to pay the final payment the morning the course started. In essence, this was my own personal money miracle victory. I wasn't out of the hole yet, however it felt great to be able to do this.

My first 'big moment came the day you showed me how to price myself according to what I was worth and not what I thought people would pay. I, like so many others, had trouble accepting that if I raised my prices that people would come. Again, I took a leap of faith and raised the price of my readings to more than double what I was charging. Within an hour of raising that price, I had an order from Germany. What a confirmation that I was doing the right thing!

Every week I received an order from somewhere around the world and I was so very grateful for this. I raised my prices in every area of my business and everyone paid without a question.

I still read through my binder, my notes and listen to the CD's over and over again. I know without a doubt what my magnificent obsession is (or are - as there are two areas right now) and am moving forward every single day. I use my 4 questions quite often and have actually walked away from some things because of how the answer turned out, where before I would have jumped on it just to get the couple of dollars that it would pay.

I would like to thank you for giving me the tools to believe in myself and the confidence to go out of my comfort zone. I believe in myself and I am working on those “smack me in the face blocks” that I hit and I find a way through each and every one of them. I know I would still be stuck had I not taken this course from you.

Thank you Rosemary, you are an amazing teacher and friend.

Love and light to you always.”

Sheri Baldwin, RT, www.soaringfree.ca   

“Before I worked with Rosemary I was struggling with self worth and I was constantly de- valuing myself as a member of the family. My belief was that if I wasn’t bringing in money or assisting financially at home then I wasn’t of value. This was something I had struggled with on and off for many years. This feeling of not being of value lead me to take on projects and part time jobs that were never satisfying and always lead to me feeling even worse about myself.

As soon as I started working with Rosemary; I was able to see where my belief was coming from and how in reality I was extremely valuable to my family. Rosemary held the space for me to realize that each individual ‘service’ I provide to my family as a work at home mother is extremely valuable and sometimes priceless. Even though there was no monetary value to my ‘services’, there was abundant value in the emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of what I offered to my husband and children.

So much has changed for me since working with Rosemary on this particular issue. Now I have a greater appreciation for my decision to be a work at home mom. I value what I do for my family and I see the tremendous benefits to being able to stay at home. I feel blessed and grateful to be able to live this lifestyle which is a far cry from the burden I used to carry with me.

I find I have taken on more of a leadership role instead of the role of people pleaser. I speak my truth with confidence and I have created boundaries which I am comfortable enforcing when need be. I no longer see myself as someone who is ‘beneath’ another simply because of my decision to stay at home. I am better able to charge proper fees for my services to my clients, which is something I struggled with doing when I was de-valuing myself.

Not surprisingly, all of this aligns perfectly with what was found in my hand analysis. As a Master of Family and Relationships it is important for me to find peace in being a stay at home mom because it is naturally where I have always felt I belonged. Being in conflict with my life purpose always leads to stress and tension, which keeps me from fully living my purpose. The more I value my decision and honour that part of myself, the more I am able to step fully into my purpose, embracing all aspects of what that means. I am also able to integrate my innovative healer purpose and author and speaker gifts more easily as well because I am more accepting of who I am.

I am so grateful to Rosemary for her kind and wise guidance.”

Jennifer Merritt   

“Imagine seeing your life from a completely new loving perspective? Rose helped me realize my current and future business decisions were best considered after I actually start to do what I truly love. Her deep intuitive insight stopped me in my tracks. Now I bravely listen to my heart’s desire and plan my business from a place of action and calmness. This is just one of Rose’s powerful reflections. I am forever grateful to Rose for playing a pivotal role in making it possible for me to ‘live the life I am meant to live’. Now that is a business plan for unlimited abundance!”

Susan Isaac, Fused Glass artist, Shards Glass Studio, Sooke, BC