Hand Analysis Testimonials

“Rosemary Heenan is one of those rare coaches who addresses the whole person... body, mind, and spirit. Her work in divining the road map for a given life is exceptional, and is extremely empowering for her clients. Not only does Rosemary use unique tools like hand print analysis, but she listens, really listens, with her own heart. I highly recommend Rosemary as a coach.”

Mary Alberici, PhD, www.sundarya.com   

“My purpose in getting my hands analyzed was to gain clarity in my life purpose. I was not aware of the depth of information contained in my hands. I now have a blueprint of all my soul’s gifts.

I’ve had such revelations and I see with great clarity everything that I have done to create more joy in my life. Having a Hand Analysis reading is one of the best things I’ve done for myself, I only wish I had done it sooner!”

Shelley Elliott   

“Rosemary is a true and gifted healer. My time spent with her during my hand analysis session was inspiring and life changing. As we discussed what was found in my hand prints I felt a deep sense of love and gratitude for myself that I have never in my 37 years felt. I have spent my whole life apologizing for who I was and after seeing my life map on my hands, it showed me the perfection that lies in the being that is me and my heart swelled with pride at all that I am.
Rosemary takes the time to listen to the revelations that come to mind during a hand analysis, she lovingly guides you to better understanding and she leaves no stone unturned in her quest to gift you with the knowledge of self that lies in your hands.

I will not soon forget my time with Rosemary and the gift that she offered to me that day. I recommend this experience to anyone who is seeking more from life. It was brilliant and awe inspiring.”

Jenn Merritt, Intuitive Energy Artist