Are You A Healer?

I find the life purpose of Healer fascinating because of the seeming discrepancy between the life you live personally and what you make of it.

Healers often grow up in difficult families and experience many personal challenges. It is through mastering these experiences themselves that you gain the skills necessary to help inspire others.

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Were you rejected for being too soft-hearted as a child? Have you struggled with addiction or repeated abusive relationships? These very circumstances gave you a master education opportunity to heal yourself. In doing so, what you learned you now can use to help others.

You’ll find yourself at the edge of the cliff time and again, and the only way to stop the fall over is to have complete faith in your inner knowing.

Healer at the edge

If this sounds familiar and you’ve thought there was something wrong with you, I hope knowing it is a normal path for Healers will ease your mind.

Those with Healer life purpose cannot fulfill this purpose solely by helping families and friends. You only reach your own highest potential when you make your living by helping others reach theirs. No water cooler advice giving will give you the same fulfillment you will feel when you charge for your services.

The path to success comes through healing your own stuff first. You can help others only to the extent that you’ve worked through your personal issues. You also need strong personal boundaries. Leave work at the office and don’t deplete yourself by helping others at your own expense.

If you are currently working at some other type of job, here are some clues you may be a Healer:

  • Is personal development your passion?
  • Are you often asking deeper questions about people’s challenges?
  • Do you friends and family always ask your advice?

Your hands will tell you what your soul’s intention was for your life purpose.

If you haven’t downloaded my free gift of a Blueprint for Living a Purpose-full Life, check it out and you’ll discover the four secret clues I can see in your hand prints that will give you the blueprint for living your life purpose.

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