Being Yourself is the Key to Getting What You Desire

Want to know why being yourself is the key to getting what you desire?

It’s taken me nearly two months to get to the heart of what I want to make the focal message of my business. I’m certain now and while my “languaging” may still need polishing, the essence is clear enough to declare.

True success, the kind of success most women seek, which is making a significant difference in the world, will only occur when you courageously express your authentic self.

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It’s oftentimes the most difficult challenge we face in life due to all the negative messages we received about ourselves.

Being told repeatedly that we weren’t good enough; or not perfect like our older sister; we were too much trouble; in the way, too loud, too sensitive, too fat, weird, shy etc. dimmed both our light and our confidence in ourselves.

So we stifled ourselves or shifted to become more of what we thought other people wanted us to be; only to find we were lost in a role that we thought would give us what we wanted.

… and we were doomed to failure.

Failure may seem too strong a word to our human mind, but I believe it is the truth to our souls.

You see, our souls urge us to express ourselves, to be authentic, to strive to develop, to reach for the stars. And when we don’t heed that inner voice and instead shrink down, or stay quiet, “safe and secure”, we stagnate.

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Heeding my Soul Purpose

In March of this year, I was given an urgent message from my soul that I chose to answer. It came in the form of an astrology reading that partly said, “You came to earth designed to not let anything stop you from accomplishing your purpose this time.”

It was a huge wake up call. I had essentially given up my business and retired to playing bridge and live comfortably like many other 65 year olds. I had felt defeated the previous year. After thriving through the house burning down and not letting that stop me, I lost courage to step into a more powerful version of myself.

I hit the terror barrier you hear about and didn’t go through it.

And as I shrunk back into an “acceptable” Rosemary, my business and my passion diminished. Nothing worked well enough to sustain the effort, so I quit.

Then the Universe sent me an old friend who wanted to do some coaching around her hand analysis reading from years back. As I worked with Susan, I felt the contrast of how inspired and enthused I was, versus the enjoyment I got from learning to be a good bridge player.

So when the Universe put Dan into my life and I had the astrology reading with him, I understood that I was being given another chance.

I went back to a neglected spiritual practice. I read more books on our souls’ plans for our lives. As if by magic, opportunities presented themselves to me and I said “yes”.

This is how our souls work. Each of us has a purpose here on earth and it is to add more life to the world. Our souls may quiet down for a while as we rest, but inevitably they stir again and send messages and messengers to waken us up.

I invite you to get quiet and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you awake and on purpose?
  • Are you passionate about your mission in life?
  • Do you bounce out of bed and look forward to each day, at least most days?
  • Do you eagerly share what’s on your mind; while also listening intently to what others have to say?
  • Do you feel like you are making the kind of difference in the world you would like?

I would love to hear what answers you received, please comment below.

All is well.

Warmest, Rosemary

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