Are You Missing the Secret Recipe for True Fulfillment and Happiness?

2015 goalsThis time of year we’re encouraged to reflect on what we accomplished and set goals for the next year. If this formula works for you, congratulations; stop reading and continue following your proven path.

Today I want to share a different approach – a recipe that’s completely personal and universal at the same time.

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It’s personal in that your hands hold the keys to your specific recipe for fulfillment and happiness.

And it’s universal because everyone can find the vital information unique to them in their hands.

Recipe puzzle piecesSimply put, your recipe requires you to:

  1. Be deliberate in living your life purpose – the essence of who you are.
  2. Be conscious about your life lesson – that persistent challenge that sabotages you over and over again.
  3. Master the elements of your life school – the arena in which you fulfill your soul purpose.
  4. Use your gifts or pay the penalty they cost if you deny them.

When you use the information in your hands as your guide to your goals and the actions you will take to reach them, your path will be spiritually enlightened and lead to the true fulfillment and happiness you desire.

No, I cannot promise you instant success and a life free of pain. I think that’s a false hope. However, I can promise you a way to deeply understand yourself and a way to be more compassionate and kind to yourself. When you follow the blueprint in your hands you will feel the joy that living your soul purpose provides.

Here’s a very brief example from my soul purpose.

As the Healer with Heart, I am most able to be of service to others when I pay attention to healing my own issues. What gets in the way of that is if I do not stay conscious to my emotions and behaviours. If I am not careful, I go numb without realizing I’ve done that. My lesson is to stuff my feelings. The life lesson trips us up so easily because it’s our blindest blind spot.

If I do not write regularly and get that out to people, I find myself running around in circles getting nothing accomplished. (That’s from my gift of “author/speaker in the spotlight” and its penalty.)

The holidays can be more about spending money on gifts for others, so I decided to extend the discount another short time. Set yourself up for success by getting your hand analysis reading and using your unique blueprint as your guide for 2015.

Special offer extended to January 10. Save 1/3 of the regular price.

Just in case you had some of the same misconceptions as my friends, scientific hand analysis is not another name for palm reading.

While some aspects of a reading are based on the lines and shapes of the hands, as in palm reading, the most significant part of the reading is in the interpretation of the fingerprints. A palm reader does not look at those.

Also a hand analysis reading is not predictive like a palm reading. I don’t know how many children you’ll have or whether you will meet the man or woman of your dreams. I jokingly say that all I can tell you about the future is if you keep on doing what you are doing now, you’ll get the same results.

I can do readings for people anywhere in the world. I recently did readings for a couple in Australia – the other side of the world. I sent them a kit and directions; they printed their hands and mailed the prints back. I did the analysis, and then we met via Skype to answer their questions.

Holiday Special

Wishing you love, fulfillment and happiness in 2015.

“Rosemary is a true and gifted healer. My time spent with her during my hand analysis session was inspiring and life changing. As we discussed what was found in my hand prints I felt a deep sense of love and gratitude for myself that I have never in my 37 years felt. I have spent my whole life apologizing for who I was and after seeing my life map on my hands, it showed me the perfection that lies in the being that is me and my heart swelled with pride at all that I am.

Rosemary takes the time to listen to the revelations that come to mind during a hand analysis, she lovingly guides you to better understanding and she leaves no stone unturned in her quest to gift you with the knowledge of self that lies in your hands.

I will not soon forget my time with Rosemary and the gift that she offered to me that day. I recommend this experience to anyone who is seeking more from life. It was brilliant and awe inspiring.” ~ Jenn Merritt, Intuitive Energy Artist

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