Your Certainty About Some Ideas Is Killing Your Business

Your Certainty About Some Ideas Is Killing Your Business

“Sometimes the ideas that we are certain are true are dead wrong.” (Nick Hanauer TED talk on inequality posted on YouTube May 17 2012)

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The idea of keeping the highest income earners’ tax rate low to stimulate the economy and create jobs is prevalent in North America.

In this talk, Hanauer shares the statistics on the decline of US middle class income over the past 32 years. His speech disputes the notion that the rich are job creators. He proves his point by citing the decline in jobs at the same time the rich are being taxed at a much lower rate.

Hanauer states that in fact, middle class consumers are the job creators due to their consumption of goods. “When the middle class thrives, businesses grow and hire and owners profit.”

Instead of just waiting for the paradigm shift to take hold in our political systems, let’s take a look at another way to increase income for the greater number of people.

The easiest way to do that is for people to change their beliefs about money. Their beliefs are controlling their results with money. Most people have no idea this is true and go through their lives thinking their capacity to make money depends on outside forces such as their education, their job, the economy or where they were raised.

One of the results of the change in employment figures is the rise in self-employment and entrepreneurship. Are you one of the millions of unemployed people in North America? Have you gone into business for yourself as a result of your job loss?

Where you once believed your security was attached to your job, you are learning you have to create your own security.

This is positive because in order to be successful and thrive while in business for yourself, you have to learn new skills, develop yourself, and grow. You must cast aside your beliefs about money that were based on working for someone else and develop those of a solopreneur or entrepreneur.

One idea that can kill your business is the notion that you have to trade your time for money.

Most of you have grown up in working or middle class homes where your parents had jobs, which meant their income was dependent on the value placed on the job. This goes back generations in most families, thus you became ingrained with the belief that you can only make so much an hour or so much a year. Then you take that belief into your own business and set your prices accordingly.

However, in order to stay in business and make the money you need and desire, you have to charge people for the value of the product or service you provide, not the time it takes you to produce the product or the time you spend directly working with the person.

Changing your idea about how much you can charge is essential to thriving in your business. Otherwise you will have to work far too many hours and sacrifice your personal life to survive; or you won’t make enough money and will have to find another job.

Are you ready to change your beliefs and learn ones based on universal laws that are true and work for everyone?

I want to ensure that more people are creating the income they desire, doing work they enjoy and getting our economy flourishing for everyone’s benefit.

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