What do Money and Tragedies Have in Common?

What do Money and Tragedies Have in Common?

They bring out who you are. Some say tragedies bring out the best in people and there’s lots of evidence for the truth of this statement. After a disaster you often see people reach out to help the survivors. People will open their homes to strangers, start fund raising campaigns and encourage changes so the disasters that can be prevented do not happen again.

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However, there are some people who use the event to loot and cause more damage. The same event… but a different response to it. The difference is what is inside the people, not the event itself.

That is true for money also. You may have been told that money is evil and rich people are crooks or horrible people. However there is just as much evidence that wealthy people are generous, kind and good.

Are you afraid if you were wealthy you would turn into a crook or someone mean or selfish?

Does that belief hold you back?

Money doesn’t change you, just as a disaster doesn’t change you. It brings out who you already are. If you are good, kind, generous and honest, you will be the same when you are wealthy.

Hmmm, what other stories have you adopted that keep you from living life on your own terms? I would love to hear from you.

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