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open doorDo you wake up each day, enthused about life and grateful you are doing work you love? If you answered “yes”, that’s awesome

I congratulate you because I know statistics show that only a tiny number of working people in North America love their work. I think that is just sad. Appalling even, when you consider how many years of their lives people spend at work.

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Yikes! I hope that’s not you.

But if it is, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

There is a magic formula to follow that will make it easier for you to change this.

You hold a key to living a purpose-full life right in your fingerprints.

Your life purpose is your reason for being. While it is not your career, when you integrate your purpose into what you do as a living, your work will be fulfilling. Your life purpose isn’t what you do, but how you do it. Your life purpose is what fulfills you on a deep level.

In order to live your life purpose however, you will have to integrate the shadow side of it which we call the life lesson. Richard Unger describes your life lesson as your “blindest blind spot”. The lesson is the nemesis of your life purpose until you work with it rather than letting it run you.

This is the magic key!

And while it is very simple, it isn’t always easy. But it is worth it.

Your lesson is directly related to your purpose. You have to work on mastering the challenges of your lesson to fully live your purpose. If you keep making the same mistakes, and allow yourself to be robbed of your purpose by your lesson, you’re going to feel flat, bored and unfulfilled.

Here’s how it worked for one of my clients.

Elaine’s Life Purpose is to be an Artist. People with this purpose are designed to be creative and see things in new ways. Elaine’s biggest challenge is to be true to herself and express her own creations with an audience.

However Elaine’s lesson was to be afraid of rejection. That desire to conform kept her from fully developing her creative expression and she was living the life of the starving artist.

When Elaine committed to expressing herself in her own style she began to attract customers who loved her original work and she began to earn a good living from her art.

It’s that simple. Work on mastering your lesson and feeling fulfilled becomes much easier.

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