Tricks of the Ego

ego and ripplesI have a question for you. Can you relate to this scenario?

You are passionate about your work and love helping other people. You’ve reached a level of success and you’re ready to serve more people, earn more money and have a greater impact in the world.

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So you start taking more action, maybe investing in marketing, going to more networking events, diligently using social media to spread the word.

All of a sudden, just as things are starting to work, the roof of your house needs to be replaced; or your friends and family tell you they don’t know who you think you are; or you find yourself having accidents and injuries. Or the economy shifts and suddenly the people you used to attract disappear.

So you tell yourself, obviously God or The Universe doesn’t want me to do this. I must be supposed to stay just where I was before… and you quit.

You’ve just fallen for a trick of your ego which wants more than anything to keep you safe in the comfortable zone of the familiar.

However, it is your soul that urged you to grow your business; because your soul wants you expand. To grow your business would call on you to develop new skills and competencies. You would also have to expand your vision of yourself to be successful at a higher level.

If you quit you’ll find it easier to quit the next time your soul encourages you to grow.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

When you know to expect tricks like this, you can prepare yourself. There are certain key things that stop you. They are based on needs you have. In the Miracle of Money Mindset Mastery Program, you will identify the specific needs that have been holding you back and you will make a plan so your ego can’t stop you as easily any longer.

You will also receive information that is essential to change your relationship, experiences, and results with money. You will discover the truth about money and why it is a miracle.

In the Miracle of Money Mindset Mastery Program, you will learn:

  • how you were programmed about money and how that programming is creating your money challenges
  • how your beliefs create your reality
  • why you cannot believe what you see
  • what stops you from succeeding beyond a certain level
  • how to re-interpret the past to create the future you desire
  • how to be the successful person you desire before you can see the results you want
  • the Miracle of Money mindset that will allow you to receive what you desire
  • why you need to be the successful person you desire before the money is visible and how to do that
  • how to create a business that is satisfying to both your soul and your bank account

What is the Miracle of Money Mindset Mastery program?

The Miracle of Money Mindset Mastery is a 6 week program held Tuesdays at 4:00pm EDT from June 24-July 29. These 60-90 minute calls will be recorded and available if you miss or want to listen again. There will be time for Q and A on each call. That is a very high value that far exceeds the investment in the program. You can get coached on your questions every week.

All the calls will be recorded in case you have to miss or you want to listen to them again. You will have access to a private Facebook where you can share what’s going on with you, ask for support and build connections with the other people in the program.

And there is an additional bonus. When you register by June 20 you will receive a complimentary 60 minute private coaching session (Value $200.00)

Click here for more information and to register.

This program is based on self-made multimillionaire David Neagle’s Miracle of Money; a program David created from the knowledge that helped him go from a forklift operator who worked 7 days a week making only $20K a year to over a million and beyond.

This is the information David has shared with thousands of small business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs so they could create 6 and 7 figure businesses doing work they love. I am one of a small group of people David trained to teach and coach his Miracle of Money Program.

I look forward to sharing this program with you and helping you create the life you desire.

Warmest regards,

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