The Power of Environment

The Power of Environment

Have you ever considered how much you are like other living things in nature?

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In order for a plant or a fish or an animal to develop its full potential, it needs to be in the ideal environment.

If you take an acorn and plant it in soil, give it sunlight and water, it will become an oak tree. If you take that same acorn and leave it on the kitchen counter, nothing will happen to it. It needs the right conditions in order to become the oak tree that is its potential.

Humans are the same.

We need air, light and water too, but the environment we need to reach our potential is infinitely more complex.

While many would think your environment is where you live , I believe in a broader view. Environment includes your beliefs, the people you associate with and the information you expose yourself to as well as your finances and the places where you live, work and spend a fair amount of time.

Your beliefs affect your success, because you have to have the correct beliefs in order to reach your potential. In order to succeed, you need to believe it’s possible for you. If you have no faith in your ability to succeed, you won’t even attempt anything; so belief in the possibility of success is essential.

The desire to succeed is also fundamental. Without desire you wouldn’t have the motivation to keep at it and do whatever you need to do to succeed.

You will succeed much more easily and quickly when you know and believe in the laws that govern the universe. These laws operate whether you’re aware of them or not and understanding them will give you the power to use the laws to your advantage.

The kind of information you expose yourself to may be more influential than you realize. Do you feed your mind with what other successful people think and know? Do you model their behaviour? If you do you are on a path to develop your potential. If instead you listen to too much of the daily news and people’s gossip and drama, you’ll find yourself stuck or in a downward spiral.

In order to access the information you need, you must be able to read, use a computer, get to conferences and study with mentors who have achieved the results you desire. Perhaps you could learn much of what you need from books or on the internet, but your progress will be much slower than when you work directly with people who are already successful, know more than you do and guide the way for you.

How about your living and work spaces? Is everything neat, clean and tidy? Do the colours feel attractive? Is the space also designed for both ease of use and your comfort. Could you enhance the beauty with flowers, something decorative, a piece of art?

All of these comprise the environment you are in and have a huge impact on you.

Have you ever had the experience of attending a personal or business development conference and getting all enthused and motivated while there, only to lose all of that when you’ve been home a short while?

There’s one major reason this happens and that is the effect your environment has on you.

You created your environment from the person you were before you went to the event. It will support you staying as you were. To change you have to change the environment into one that enhances who you want to be.

The next time you go to one of these events, when you get back from the conference, take a fresh look at your living and working conditions. Given the new level you’ve reached, what needs to change to support you? I recommend adding something that helps you feel successful or wealthier as a touchstone for your new level of development. Make sure you also seriously consider the people you are with and limit or eliminate time spent with people who do not want the best for you. They will drag you down if you don’t watch out, and you don’t want to lose the results of the investment you made in your education.

If you are a home-based business owner who thinks you could use a more supportive space, Environmental Coach Kathy Mercer can help you cultivate your environment for full bloom living. Just like the acorn I spoke of earlier, you need the ideal conditions to develop your potential. Kathy can help you design your space to enhance your success.

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Kathy can be reached at 519-903-6466 or by email at

My specialty is in the mindset necessary for your success. I am trained and certified by self- made millionaire David Neagle and licensed to teach and coach his Miracle of Money Programs. You do not have to take years to improve your results. With the wisdom David has distilled in this program, you can take the fast track to success.

I have a few openings for strategy sessions in the next couple of weeks. You can book your complimentary session to see how best I can support you at I look forward to speaking with you.

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David Neagle Certified Coach, Miracle of Money Mentor.


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