The Love and Money Connection

The Love and Money Connection – Being Afraid to Lose Other’s Love Was Keeping Me Poor

As part of my certification training to be a Miracle of Money Mentor, David Neagle coached me around what stopped me in the past from doing whatever it would take to be successful in my business. For me it was fear of the loss of love from other people. There is a core fear beneath that of someone in my years before age 7, and that transferred over to others as I grew up.

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David teaches that love, security and self-esteem are all needs which must be filled within ourselves. Even though I knew that intellectually, I didn’t really because I was not living from that information.

My big breakthrough came through his helping me to realize if someone else’s feelings for me were contingent on something I said or did or felt, I was not receiving their love, but their manipulation. What a realization that has been!

It has made a complete paradigm shift in my world. I now care more about what is best for me and what I want or need than I ever did before. I am more authentic and speak my truth freely. As I love myself more, I also love others more genuinely and not from that needy place. The qualitative difference is quite strong.

This distinction is very much a part of what I came here to master. I have nine loops in my fingerprints and with the life purpose of the Healer with Heart, my mission in this life is mastering interpersonal communication. I am here to learn how to establish closeness and connection with others without losing myself; how to communicate my feelings authentically and receive other’s feelings without trying to change them.

In the past when I was emotionally hurt, I tried to build walls to protect myself from pain. That never worked in any way except to numb me to my feelings. Now I see that becoming more vulnerable and open-hearted when I am in pain brings me the close connection with myself and with others who love me that is the balm that soothes. When I feel the pain, it passes. I’ve learned what I was so afraid to feel doesn’t kill me and doesn’t hold me back either.

I am a far more effective Healer/Coach because when I know it’s in my client’s best interests for me to probe and ask more powerful questions to help them see where they are stopping and keeping themselves from achieving their goals I do that rather than step over it for fear they will get upset with me.

My business is growing and I am reaching more people and earning more money than ever before. In fact I’ve already earned more than 70% of last year’s total business income in the two months since I did the certification program.

I would love to share this with you if you want to figure out what is holding you back from the success you desire.

You too can create miracles with money and in other areas of your life when you learn and act on the concepts taught in The Miracle of Money Program.

I will be starting a teleseminar series of  The Miracle of Money Program soon.

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