Success Tip: There’s an Opportunity in Every Challenge

There’s an Opportunity in Every Challenge

To quote Byron Katie, “Is this true?”

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Until today I thought it was and I’ve been using the phrase in speeches, saying it came from the Chinese symbol for crisis. When I began to write this morning, I decided to Google the term and find its origin. Low and behold I found that it’s not even true! I learned that John F. Kennedy originated the phrase and while it was picked up and used by many others since his time, it is not the correct interpretation of the symbol.

So now what do I do? Change the title and alter my thinking or use this as a belief that is very supportive to me?

I’ve decided to go with the latter. Since a belief is made up anyway I may as well adopt this one consciously because when I look for the opportunity in a challenge I find it. When I don’t, I only see the challenge and that can be discouraging.

Here’s how I recommend using this belief to support you in living your life purpose.

When faced with a challenge presented by either your life lesson or by a call to live your life purpose, what if you saw this as an opportunity to step into the highest version of yourself?

My friend Jenn is a great example of this. When she is faced with family members who would rather she acted in a way they approve of, Jenn chooses instead to be her authentic self.

One of Jenn’s life purposes is to be the Master of Family and Relationships. Since she had her hands analyzed she has stopped apologizing for being a “stay at home mom” and works only when it doesn’t interfere with her family’s well-being. She finds true fulfillment in her role, but grew up at a time when staying home was frowned upon for women. Every time she had a full time job she felt that her family suffered and she was stressed out. She sees the opportunity she has to give three boys a wonderful start in their lives and to be a powerful influence on who they become. For Jenn that is enough reward to take on the scorn of others who don’t share her truth.

She described her life purpose inverse as “the Master of Family & Relationships working a 9-5 job with overtime and never spending time with her kids and family?”

For someone like me whose lesson is “Victimization” when I have to assert myself to get someone to fulfill their contract with me, it is an opportunity to step into my power. I used to complain to everyone else but the person I should have been speaking to. That achieved no positive resolution and I always felt like a victim.

Is it scary to assert myself? Yes, I do have some trepidation. However, I have found that every time I was willing to feel the fear and do it anyway I was so grateful to get past another fear.

I invite you take a look for yourself and see if looking for the opportunity in a challenge is a good belief to hold. If it serves you, keep it. If it doesn’t, let it go.

I would love to hear from you. Do you have any other beliefs that may not be valid but give you great support? How about ones you’d like to release that do not help you? How are you doing with finding opportunities in your life lesson and purpose?

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Live Life with Purpose, Passion and Laughter
Rosemary Heenan
The Heart Activist

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