Success Tip: If Your School is Service, Remember to Serve Yourself Too

Service School people are so willing to say “yes”. When I do their Hand Analysis readings, their faces light up when I say that is one of their qualities. They are the folks on every committee and often working in jobs you associate with service. They love to give to others and are happiest when they are helping you out.

Their biggest challenge is to remember you can’t pour coffee from an empty pot.

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In their love of giving, they forget they need to receive and some of them are loathe to accept anything in return.

If you’re in the Service School remember to think of how good you feel when you give to others and recognize that the rest of us want to feel the same way and enjoy giving to you. If you won’t accept our gifts or help, we lose out and so do you. It’s much more enjoyable to have a give and take than it is to only be on one end of the give and receive continuum.

When they are out of touch with the true essence of service, which is that it empowers both the giver and the receiver, they may give more away than they have and not allow themselves a break from doing until they are exhausted and need a couple of days to recuperate. How much easier it would be if they were to take breaks, look after their needs along the way and receive back from others.

If you are in this school, remember your goal is to serve joyously and not feel like a slave.

Some questions to ponder:
How could you replenish yourself today?
What do you need most right now? Are you willing to give that to yourself?
Have you taken some time for yourself recently? If not, why not?
What is the fear you have about taking some time to relax and enjoy yourself?
How comfortable are you in receiving others?
Do you jump in to offer help before asking to see if it’s wanted?

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