Success Tip: Become Wise

Success Tip: Wisdom = Knowledge + Experience

Are you an information junkie like me? Have you taken all kinds of programs that promise to transform your life, your relationships, or your money challenges only to find that your life stays pretty much the same? Did your hand analysis reveal your life school to be Wisdom?

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Wisdom folks love to learn and are naturally very curious. However they have the tendency to want to pass on what they learn to others without taking the time to get experience with what they’ve learned.
You do not get life changing experiences by reading or studying. You have to work with the information and apply it to get actual results.

The Wisdom school also comes with a challenge to commit to anything fully before we are certain it will turn out all right, which adds another dynamic to the problem. How can you get the wisdom from experience if you’ve already moved on to the next whatever?

You’d think we’d catch onto that eventually, however the habit of learning, sharing and then moving on to the next new program is a hard habit to break. That’s why it is so much easier to make lasting change when we work with a coach who helps us pay attention to what we are doing and holds us accountable for doing what we say we will.

Serena is a classic example of the Wisdom school dynamics. She has several degrees and additional courses however cannot find the right career fit for her. She works in one temporary job after another trying to find something she is motivated to commit to long-term. Serena is fascinated with personal development and whenever she learns about a program she can take on-line or a weekend seminar, she signs up enthusiastically. Serena is great at telling all her friends what she learned. If you want to know about anything related to personal development, she is a fountain of information. However her life still looks pretty much the same – kind of routine and dull until she hears about another seminar and gets excited to take it. Her finances are a mess and she’s not had a date in years even though she says she wants a relationship.

If I were coaching Serena I would get her to commit to not signing up for any more programs for at least six months. I would have her pick one of the programs she already has and then commit to following through it from beginning to end. I guarantee you this would be a real challenge for her; however it is the only way for her to get the transformation she keeps seeking.

What commitment to application would benefit you the most? My coach’s challenge to you is to take it on this month. Make “Just Do It” your motto for the next month and see what results you create. If you aren’t getting anywhere on your own it may be time to investigate coaching with me to get the results you desire.
Warmest regards,
Rosemary Heenan
The Heart Activist

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