Starting Over Once Again

Starting Over Once Again

I think I can safely say Happy Spring and have the weather cooperate this time. I recently heard we have a fifth season called ‘splinter” and that’s a humourous description of what it’s been like here in southwestern Ontario since the official beginning of the season of spring.

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It reminds me of how we evolve as humans. With few exceptions most of us rarely make a sudden complete change in our way of living. We take a few forward steps, slide back one or two, re-group and step forward again. Sometimes it seems as though we sprint or run, sometimes it’s more like a slow stroll. And then there are times where we feel like we are back on our hands and knees crawling as if we never learned how to walk.

Can you relate?

Looking back though I have to say there was never a complete retreat to the earlier me. I was always developing, even when appearances looked different. I now believe those times where I felt most incapable were the times I was about to make a huge leap. I needed to cocoon a while and develop the “wings” that would lift me into my new self.

Last fall I challenged myself to work on my Life Lesson at a deeper level. I know if I want to fully live my Life Purpose, I have to be willing to take on my lesson whenever it holds me back.

Since my lesson is to stuff my feelings, I had to commit to reducing or eliminating all the ways I do that. That led to a combination of new energy therapy and practicing old techniques that work to clear the energy blocks and limiting beliefs that would hold me back.

I committed to releasing the extra weight on my body through healthy eating and regular exercise. I learned to persist through all my excuses, banish the magical thinking that it could happen overnight, and “just do it”.

I also got help from people who knew more than I did or had skills I needed to support me in my goals. I made the financial and time commitment to do whatever it takes to succeed. Yes, there are many things I can do for myself and I am doing those too. However, I realized where my strengths were and where I was weak and by getting the right support I am well on the road to success.

Quitting is not an option anymore.

I believe we all came here to serve. To give our greatest service we have to live our life purpose. I feel an urgency to do more, to help more people and to give more to them.

All healers have to be willing to work on our own issues and not just try to fix it for other people. Our motto is “healer, heal thyself”.

I’m going to share the top 10 key ingredients to my success over the next month in the hopes that you can benefit from a few of them in each post.

1. Find a compelling “why”. My desire to serve others by fully living my purpose, gave me a greater reason to want to be healthier and have more energy. When I am working with clients, I love how I feel. If I am tempted to skip exercise or eat something that may slow my progress I get back in touch with that feeling and it keeps me on my path.

2. Have a future vision that is so compelling it draws you forward into it. I have to spend time in that vision frequently to stay connected and motivated and to continue to believe in its possibility.

3. Don’t try to do it alone. No one of us has all the answers and without the support of the team I’ve been using, I would not have made it this far. I injured my knees working out alone one day and without the help of my trainer I would have quit. She is helping me adapt exercises and strengthen supporting muscles so I can continue to work out while they heal.

4. Start slowly and do more as you can. It does get easier the more you do it. It took a long time for me to get all the pieces in place I needed. I began by working on the fears, cravings and limiting beliefs before I started to work on my eating and exercising plan. That set me up for success when I was ready to begin.

Instead of trying to do everything at once, I focused on one new thing about every month. After five months I lost all my cravings and I am now able to eat and drink in moderation on special occasions without causing the cravings to return.

Question: What’s keeping you from achieving what makes your heart sing?

Coach’s Challenge: If you’ve had your fingerprints analyzed you know your purpose, lesson and school. Revisit your report to see if the block lies in any of these areas.

Find your “why” and create your future vision. Identify the support you need and get that in place. Then start slowly and do more as you can.

If you are trying to get results on your own and that’s not working for you contact me to discuss if any of the services of Heart Power Coaching would be beneficial.

Have you thought about a Life Purpose Reading or Hand Analysis as a unique gift for Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day is coming May 8th.

Your fingerprints hold a blueprint for your soul’s purpose for your life. If you’ve struggled with “why am I here” or know intuitively there has to be more to life, a reading can answer your questions.

Gift Certificates available.

Readings can be done long distance. I mail a kit. You follow the directions to print the hands. Mail them back and we have a phone conversation that is recorded and given to you.

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Starting Over Once Again — 3 Comments

  1. I love this Rosemary,
    I just did a video on success. The hardest part is “doing the work.”
    I loved it when you said “quitting is not a option anymore.” Once we get to that place of “oh crap, the only way it up” we take the bull by the horns and make a COMMITMENT to change.
    Thank you for sharing this. We are all human, with struggle and fears. It is HOW we get through them that allows us to teach others.


  2. Awesome Post Rosemary!
    You are doing really well and are an inspiration to everyone who is struggling with the same type of issues 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this with us and giving us what we need to challenge ourselves to overcome our obstacles!