Your Soul Purpose

Your Soul Purpose

This article is intended for those of you who know or have a sense that you are here on earth for a reason. You are not merely the result of a sperm from your father and an egg from your mother uniting. You came here to give service that only you can give.

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That service will come from a desire deep within your heart. As a soul you knew what it was, but as a human you forgot why you are here and so your body was given something to help you remember. It’s your fingerprints. They hold the key to remembering if you have forgotten or resisted listening to your heart’s desire. Your hands will give you insight you can use to guide your way.

In our early years we are filled with programming that teaches us we are not good enough, not loveable enough, not capable of being the magnificent beings we truly are. So we squelch down the desires that reside in our hearts and become who we think it’s possible for us to be.
However, our souls are persistent and keep on reminding us by our inner urges to grow, to desire more for ourselves. Society teaches us those desires are materialistic and not “good” or “spiritual”. We can’t let that stop us. If we do we will never discover that if we fulfill the desires we will develop our potential and become more of our real selves.

Also when we tune out the urges, we turn off the passion that accompanies those desires. Life is flat, blah, unfulfilled, boring, and routine. Or you may get very sick. Your soul is calling out to you, “remember who you are”.

My friend Susan is a great example of this. Her hand reading revealed that her soul intended her to be “Creative”. However, to live her purpose she has to master the challenges of owning her power, and not taking on too many things at one time so everything gets successfully completed. Susan also has a basic sense that she’s not safe, so security is very important to her.
Susan is a gifted fused glass artist. When she was growing up her parents discouraged her from pursuing art, telling her to find a good steady paying career instead. She listened to her parents, became a professional and worked for most of her life in academics and the corporate world, with a brief stint doing her glass art before the economic shift after 9/11.

Susan Isaac Shards Fused Glass

When we caught up in the fall, Susan had completely burned out from her corporate job. She had become ill and needed to take a long break to regain her health. She was getting ready to look for work again, but still thought it had to be a job rather than doing her art for her living.

(By the way when Susan was creating for those few years, some of her pieces sold for thousands of dollars, so I knew she could make a living with her art.)

Susan Isaac Fused Glass bowl
I asked her why she thought she would have been born with this talent if she wasn’t meant to use it.

That’s a really important question to ask yourself if you too have a talent and a passion for something but you’re not doing it because you think you cannot make a living with it.

Susan courageously has gone back to her art and is feeling so much healthier than before. You can see some of her work on her Facebook page

“Imagine seeing your life from a completely new loving perspective? Rosemary helped me realize my current and future business decisions were best considered after I actually start to do what I truly love. Her deep intuitive insight stopped me in my tracks. Now I bravely listen to my heart’s desire and plan my business from a place of action and calmness. This is just one of Rosemary’s powerful reflections. I am forever grateful to Rosemary for playing a pivotal role in making it possible for me to ‘live the life I am meant to live’. Now that is a business plan for unlimited abundance!’” 
~ Susan Isaac, Fused Glass artist, Shards Glass Studio, Sooke, BC

I know many people will relate to Susan’s experience and I encourage everyone to not give up on your soul purpose. Imagine steering your own gliding ship from the essence of your soul purpose rather than pushing to make things happen, or living someone else’s idea of who you should or could be.

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