Say “I love you” Every Day

A Message from My Heart to Yours

If you are like me, you were raised to believe you had to earn people’s love and no one ever taught you to love yourself just as you are.

Our parents and other significant people didn’t know that, and I do not blame them, but they were ignorant of the most important thing anyone needs to know.

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Before we can really live the lives we are meant to – the ones where we joyfully share our unique gifts with the world and make a great living doing just that, we must love ourselves unconditionally. Then life gets much easier.

I learned something new I’d like to share with you from Matt Kahn at Matt says if you have been putting yourself down, being fearful, worrying etc., you’ve started an avalanche that has momentum. Instead of telling yourself to stop doing those things, he invites us to put in place a different practice with a higher vibration. Begin every day telling your heart “I love you”. Take time throughout the day to spend time with your heart repeating “I love you”. Don’t be concerned if at first you don’t really feel it. Keep persisting and eventually you will feel the love.

I love you

Matt’s experience taught him that this practice dissolved most of the things that used to bother him; and if something came up that wasn’t “wanted”, he would go through the experience with greater ease.

Every time you get angry or frustrated with yourself, love the part of you you’re angry or frustrated with. Whenever someone shows you unloving behaviour, Matt says they are showing you how much they do not love themselves. Send them “I love you” rather than anger back. Transform the world, one “I love you at a time.

I have an invitation for you today. Join me in practicing “I love you” every day. Let me know your results in a comment below or on Facebook and I will share mine with you.

I want to see you and everyone living your life with joy, peace and love; doing work that is your passion and purpose and making a prosperous living. If a simple and powerful practice of “I love you” will help, then let’s take it on. I look forward to hearing from you with what shifts in your life.

I love you.

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