What Lights up Your Heart?

What Lights up Your Heart?If you have a dream, a passion, a purpose and you haven’t realized it yet, the Miracle of Money Mindset Mastery Program will help you make that dream a reality.

I know some wonderful people who have a passion for the product they represent, the transformations they provide and the art they create. But something holds them back from going full out to share it with others.

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Most of them have a deep seeded belief that they aren’t really good enough or worthy of all the success they would have if they really committed to sharing their products with others.

Can you relate to that belief, “I’m not good enough”?

Then I would like to invite you to consider you don’t know how great you truly are yet, because you haven’t yet done what it takes to commit to your dream and make it happen.

You see you won’t ever realize your full potential until you cut yourself off from all other possibilities and go for it. It is only then that you will discover the potential lying deep inside you.

I’ve talked before about the Law of Polarity. It applies to your desire because the law promises that if you have a persistent desire, you also have the means within you to make it happen. Otherwise, you would not have the desire.

I recently read these quotes from Patanjeli in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, I Can See Clearly Now. I know they are true because I have experienced them personally and I know others who have as well.

I invite you to read them and take them to heart. Allow them to inspire you to take up your purpose with complete commitment so you can find the greatness lying dormant in you.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.”

“Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” Patanjeli

And you do not have to go it alone. The Miracle of Money Mindset Mastery Program will give you support to change your limiting beliefs and have faith that you really can have what you desire.

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