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Leaders are visionaries. They see the world as it could be and inspire others to work toward that vision. In my lifetime there have been many powerful leaders who ignited movements to change the world. Think Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, the early feminists. All have inspired people to look at the norm, see how it does not serve large numbers of people and to put a stop to oppression.

You may be a leader on a smaller scale than they were; nonetheless your leadership is just as important for those you inspire.  You could be teaching children how to get along, stand up for themselves and reduce bullying. Perhaps you lead a team at work and motivate them to reach sales goals. Perhaps you are a personal trainer who helps clients fulfill the steps necessary to reach their fitness goals.

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We all have challenges to fulfilling our purpose. Leaders have to be willing to handle conflict rather than avoiding or fearing it. They make decisions and while they consult others opinions, they accept responsibility for achievement of their goals.

Another challenge leaders may face is unwillingness to be the person in charge. I often see people who prefer to be the second in command or the behind the scenes player rather than the face of the organization. Owning your power and using it wisely may be difficult, however it’s far more fulfilling than spending your life making someone’s else’s dreams come true.

Get clear on your vision and take action to make it come to life. You will feel confident, influential and authoritative when you act as the Leader your hands say you are.

You may be like my client Samantha who had often felt the urge to step into a leadership role, but lacked the confidence to go for it. She listened to the inner critic who would always say, “Who do you think you are?” After having her hands analyzed Samantha applied for the next management position that came up at her work and is thriving in her role as a Leader living her Life Purpose.

Need support to fully step into your role as a leader? Contact me see if Heart Power Coaching would be a good fit for you. info@rosemaryheenan.com

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  1. I’ve always felt like I had great leadership skills and yet I don’t own any ‘leader’ stuff in my prints. Is it possible to have this strong quality in another purpose?