What if You Knew You Were Perfect?

One of the blessings of doing hand analysis readings for people is watching the “OMG, now it all makes sense” moments. Those moments when a client realizes her life to date was absolutely ideal for her incubation to be what her purpose calls on.

And those, “So you mean there’s nothing wrong with me; I was supposed to have trouble with this” sighs of relief as she discovers her life lesson set her up to be challenged in this specific way.

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What if there is nothing wrong with you, just as you are, and everything you’ve experienced was for your good?
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Who would you be without your story? The late Debbie Ford was the first person who ever asked me that question. When I studied with Debbie back in the ‘90’s I learned that I could step out of a particular story (belief about myself) and take on a different persona, just by acting “as if” I believed something different.

And then I forgot I could do that. For many years, I went back in and out of the old stories of “not good enough, thin enough, too old, not enough money, there’s something wrong with me”, etc. etc. etc.

Periodically, I would get a reprieve and remember who I really was deep inside. And those were glorious times. I would be filled with enthusiasm, learn something new, and share that with others, and get wonderful results.

And then I would slip back into the downward spiral again.

Does that sound familiar to you and your life?

I’ve come to realize it’s part of the human journey, unless we saturate ourselves with inspiration and love.

I believe the time is here for all of us who have felt called to make a real difference in the world to do our very best to not allow the ego to take control of our thoughts and emotions.

And it’s time to stop telling the stories of the past and keep our attention on the life we desire. It’s time to breathe in all the wonderful things we can do and how magnificent we are, first by asking our hearts what they feel; and second by not judging ourselves by the standards of people who don’t have what we want.

If you get really quiet, slow down your breath and sit in silence, your heart will speak to you. It will tell you to keep doing this, I feel good; or stop doing this, it hurts.

You have a purpose, a reason for being here on planet earth at this time. Everything you need to live that purpose is inside of you, including the wisdom of choosing the perfect teachers and experiences so you can share your gift in the world.

Take responsibility for your life.

I mean this in the most loving way, because responsibility is empowering. Just as Debbie Ford taught us to love all aspects of ourselves, being responsible allows you to respond to anything by taking a really clear look at it and find the good in it. The good may be seeing that you need to let something go that is keeping you small, holding you back, or making you feel powerless. Or the good may be to fully embrace your gifts and share them with the people who are open to receiving them.

Let go of everything else but the good, love yourself completely and then share your unique magnificence with others.

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Warmest, Rosemary

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