It’s All in the Connection

It’s All in the Connection

If you have the Master of Family and Relationships Life Purpose you will be working on developing yourself in two areas. One is about establishing and nurturing close connections with other people while you maintain your own identity. The other is taking great care of your physical well-being.

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In mastery you are the connector of people, helping workplace, friendship, networking or teams gel and get along well together. However, as with any Life Purpose, the path to mastery will take you through challenges and give you experiences to hone your skills. Thus your family of origin may have not appreciated you, expected you to conform and give up your uniqueness to fit in, or may have been controlling and rigid about what was allowed in the family. Often the person with this purpose leaves home at a young age to escape emotional and even physical abuse.

When you feel unloved and unappreciated a common way of overcoming those unpleasant feelings is to numb out. That can lead to a lack of attention to and awareness of the body’s needs. Thus those with this Life Purpose may be challenged to take proper care of their physical needs.

Your dilemma to work out is how do I maintain the essence of who I am in a group and belong without feeling that I have to keep my distance or over-conform to fit in.

My dear friend Jennifer Merritt has this Life Purpose, along with some others and her life fit the pattern perfectly. I find it exciting to watch Jenn’s commitment to being a “stay at home” mom while still building her career as an intuitive life coach who helps families create healthy parent-child relationships. As is often the case learning what not to do teaches you what you could do instead.

Several of my clients with this purpose have been small business owners who create a warm, healthy work environment and their staff loves them and working for them.

The other area of nurturing needed is taking great care of your physical well being. It’s about tuning into your body’s needs for nutrition and exercise and committing to your health. This will help you maintain your capacity for relationships and every other area of your life.

The Unleash Your Awesomeness Summit was a big success with over 40 people connecting and sharing about what awesomeness means to them. We’re hosting a post summit teleconference tonight, Tuesday February 7 at 8:00. We welcome everyone to be on the call and share what’s been coming up for you after the event, ask questions and see what it was all about if you didn’t attend. The bridgeline number is 712-432-3066 and passcode 710673.

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