Is Your Life Purpose to Live Your Passions?

Is Your Life Purpose to Live Your Passions?

You may be asking isn’t everyone supposed to live their passions? My answer is both yes and no.

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It’s important for all of us to do what we love, but those who have a left index finger life purpose must put their passions first or they will suffer.

Sometimes my clients aren’t happy to find out they have this life purpose. Can you guess why?

Do you remember being a child and imagining all you would love to be, do or have? I bet you had no limits on your desires and your imagination was full of possibilities.

Did the adults around you encourage you to go for your dreams or tell you to be realistic?

Most of us were told our dreams were not possible. Many children are laughed at and ridiculed for their dreams and that hurts. So they just stop dreaming.

If this happened to you and Following Your Passions is your life purpose, you may be completely disconnected from what you desire. Your first task then is to spend time dreaming again and asking yourself, “If I knew I could not fail and money were not factor, what would I like to do?”

It may take some time for your answers to form because initially you will be thinking from the mindset of your current reality. You will say, “But how can I do that?”, or “That’s just not possible for me.” Remind yourself to take off the limits and get into the flow of the dream. Where would you live? What kind of house in what kind of neighbourhood? What kind of work would you love to do? Who would you like to work with and where would you like to carry on your work?

In order for you succeed in living your passions you will have to step into your personal power. That can be a challenge for people with this purpose. Your passions have to be fueled with emotion and action to succeed. You will also need good boundaries and be willing to put your own needs ahead of others. (With the exception of caring for young children and even then you may need to make yourself a higher priority than you have been doing.)

If you are worried about making a living from doing what you love, start by adding more of the things you enjoy doing into your spare time and just work enough to pay your bills. You may find in time you become so highly skilled at one of those things, you can turn it into your business.

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