How Shame is Keeping You Poor

How Shame is Keeping You Poor

I just got back from David Neagle’s Breaking Free Live Experience in Palm Springs California. I feel completely different inside because of attending and want to share with you some of the insights I received. There are so many, I will only share a few this time that are helping me become more successful. I trust they will help you as well.

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This was my second time at Breaking Free and before I left a few people asked me why I would go back to the same event. My answer was I found Breaking Free so transformative I signed up to go back right away. I trusted there would be new information and that I would hear some of the same content in a new way.

And that’s what happened.

One of the biggest insights I had about myself at BFLE was how much shame I’d been holding onto, especially regarding my finances.

It always amazes me how much I think I have learned and changed, yet there is more to do. I’ve often said how useless shame is as an emotion and how low in vibration it is. I frequently tell my clients to let go of their shame when it isn’t serving as a motivator to change the behaviour.

But what I realized was we can be blind to what is really going on underneath the surface. It was only by challenging myself to dig deep when I answered the questions David posed that I uncovered a new layer of shame I was still holding.

Once I got the insight, I chose to release the shame and focus on accepting responsibility for the situation. This made a huge difference right away in my willingness to take action to correct and improve my finances. It also improved my confidence and self-esteem.

Being able to take new action from a place of confidence and feeling worthy of success will make a big difference in your income. When you do not know what mistakes you’re making and you’re lacking confidence or feeling unworthy of receiving what you need, it keeps you poor. And even if you do have some financial success, your quality of life is poor.


Here’s another major ‘aha’ I received that will free you. We have a choice as to whether we are going to drop whatever holds us back right now and be done with it or we can pick it back up and put it back on again and droop away wearing our coat of shame, guilt, fear, etc. It really is a choice we have. In a holy instant, it can be gone. No one else can decide for us.

But if we do choose to pick it back up again, we have to realize we are getting something out of holding onto it. And what we are getting is not for our highest good.

Why You Want to Make Mistakes

David encouraged all of us to make mistakes. He reminded us that we will make them for the rest of our lives because we are always learning. Just leave aside the judgements and learn from the mistakes and then act on what you’ve learned and see what the next result is.

When you can’t be honest about what is really going on because you attack yourself for making mistakes, it is impossible to acknowledge what needs to change in order to improve.

Letting go of the shame in one area freed me to be more honest in my reflections of myself in other areas. I made a couple of mistakes yesterday and today realized why.

My need to be liked was getting in the way. I caught myself saying I wasn’t being truthful in order to not hurt another person’s feelings. But that was a lie. The truth was I wanted the person to like me.

If I had said something honestly and the other person was hurt or took offense, it would be because the hurt or offense was in the other person and not coming from me.

Here are some ways to discover if you’re feeling ashamed of something. You want to keep it a secret. If someone asked you a direct question about it, you’d freeze or be at a loss for an answer. You spend lots of energy rationalizing the excuses for why you’re acting the way you are.

Being in the audience at Breaking Free as both a Miracle of Money Mentor and a participant, I listened and learned for both myself and my clients. I know I will be asking better questions and holding my clients in a much higher place after attending.

If you’re a coach it is essential to clear your own issues and needs out of the way in order to help your clients get better results.

There’s a quarter of the year left and I invite you to join me in the resolution to drop shame and judgments and learn from your mistakes. Give yourself permission to make mistakes knowing you will make them if you’re willing to do new things.

Whose approval are you trying to get by being perfect? Who are you afraid of disappointing? Who might be angry with you if you screw up?

Decide you are going to override that person’s judgment with your own and God’s opinion of you – you are perfect just as you are.

We’ve all got a purpose to serve and we aren’t doing it if we are ashamed or afraid of making a mistake.

Now go out there and rock the world doing all the things you were afraid to do before because you might make a mistake. Imagine what you can accomplish in these last 3 months if you just go for it.


You Don’t Have to Do It Alone!

One of my favourite David Neagle quotes is “You have to do it yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone”. No one succeeds alone. Everyone needs support. Attending live events and working with a coach is a necessary investment in your success.


David created his Miracle of Money™ Mentor coaching program “to raise the global consciousness of money by teaching individuals everywhere how to live financially free and abundant lives, together creating the leading wealth consciousness program in the world that exponentially empowers future generations to break free by living the Miracle of Money.”


What is your big vision? What do you truly desire? Are you struggling? Are you stuck? Schedule a complimentary strategy session to determine whether I can support you in receiving your desire.

Warmest regards,
Rosemary Heenan
The Miracle of Money Mentor





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