Get Yourself Off the Hook – How A Daily Love Practice Sets You Free

chain hoist - daily love practiceWhat happens when you do something you’ve never done before and you do not do it as well as you think you should?

Do you shrug it off and do it again? Or do you beat yourself up for being stupid, a klutz, not good enough, etc. etc. etc?

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The hook is your inner court of justice. The one with the scathing prosecutor and the judge who is certain you are guilty as charged.

Over the summer I took a program and I’ve been implementing what I learned to create a webinar differently than I had done in the past. I had no idea how long it would take me to complete everything.

And … I ran out of time 15 minutes before it began.

Despite all the panic that arose in those 15 minutes, when it came time to start I stood there and did the best I could in that 90 minutes.

And then, I let it go. I did not put myself down for not knowing ahead of time that it would take so long. I did not allow feelings of embarrassment or shame take me out, although that inner judge sure did try to get me to think I deserved to be embarrassed and ashamed.

And, I didn’t tell myself, “You’re not as good as XYZ; and you’ll never get this business stuff right, so quit.”

That’s what the daily love practice is doing for me.

Now I can screw up and do it over.

Nor, did I let the hanging judge tell me I was wasting time doing those spiritual things, and if I hadn’t wasted the time, everything would have been perfect.

I know beyond any shadow of a doubt the time I take to love myself, meditate, and do my energy exercises, is keeping me connected to my Source, inspired to live my purpose, and unstoppable.

That’s what is possible for anyone who commits to doing the inner work necessary to stay aware of whom you really are. Without FEAR!

You can do it too! I believe in you!

Warmest, Rosemary

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