Final 3 Top 10 Ingredients to Success

Learned on my way to weight release success!

This concludes this series of the ingredients to success I’ve learned as I have been releasing weight.

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If you have ever taken on a life transforming issue you can relate to the joy I feel each day as I experience a completely different relationship with food and my body. If you have something you want to change, please keep going for it. I was 61 when I started this program, so it is never too late.

As I said in my first article, I began this process to take on my life lesson of stuffing my feelings in order to be able to live my life purpose more fully. It had been 3 years since I learned my lesson in my hand analysis reading. It took me quite a while to intercept the long-standing habit of eating over my feelings before acknowledging I was having them.

I also used other numbing behaviours too that I have stopped. This is typical of the way this lesson operates. People may overwork, watch too much TV, and drink or spend too much – anything done to excess that keeps you numb.

Today I can say that I am aware l am having the feelings first and then make a choice to let myself experience them until they release on their own. I had read that would happen, but my pattern or habit was so strong, I acted unconsciously to stuff them down before I could feel them.

Let me tell you, this takes courage. When you haven’t allowed yourself to feel strong emotions they can feel very uncomfortable. However, they do run their course unless I hold onto them by talking about them over and over either inside my head or to others.

If I feel like a victim, for example, instead of acknowledging I am angry and then looking for solutions to the situation, the emotions will stick as long as I am in victim mode. The good news is that feeling like a victim is just a decision. I can change my mind and connect to my resourceful, solutions-oriented self anytime I choose.

Here are the last three ingredients.
1. Acknowledge everything you are doing. Pay attention to even the smallest changes. My body has quite a bit of padding from the extra fat and at first I could not see anything happening by looking down or in a mirror. But what I did notice was how I could feel the muscles developing inside myself. I had an awareness of them that had not been there before. I paid attention to that rather than the outside appearance until the changes began to be noticeable externally too.
I could see all the days on my calendar that had exercise written on them. Wow! Compare that to the same period last year where no days were recorded and I had compelling evidence of my commitment.

What do you need to pay attention to that you’re not? I invite you to take a good look each day at anything you’ve done to reach the goals you have for yourself. Noticing your successes empowers you to do more. Ignoring them keeps you feeling you’re not doing enough.

2. Try new things. My trainer provides a wide variety of exercises and that keeps me from getting bored. As I get stronger I do more sets and more challenging exercises. I remember at the beginning how weak my stomach muscles were and I am enjoying pushing myself to do more now that they are strengthening.

When she knew I was ready, my trainer added some kick-boxing to the classes. I would never have imagined I would enjoy kick-boxing, but found it lots of fun.

I would like to introduce you to my trainer, Gosia Cano, 1-Fit-Mama. Gosia is motivating, fun, dedicated to our success and most important an expert at fitness. She knows how to adapt exercise and what to add if you’re injured so you can keep strengthening the weaker area, not get re-injured and not have to quit. She teaches a variety of classes too, something for everyone. Read more about her at her website .

What are you missing out on because you’ve decided you wouldn’t enjoy it before trying it out?

3. Find what works for you. Experiment until you find the right combination of what you need to succeed. Over the years I have tried a whole variety of traditional and non-traditional therapies and programs to reach my goals. Some worked and others didn’t. When I was really ready and had made the commitment to my vision for my new healthy body, I found the right support.

I wouldn’t have known what would work if I hadn’t tried different things. Again I encourage you not to give up. Experiment until you find what works for you. We all need support to reach our goals and we are each unique, so finding the right combination for you is important.

The reward of all this has been a substantial growth in my business. Now I know from experience that working on the life lesson is the key to living the life purpose.

Thank you to all the people who have sent positive comments on this series. I trust there is something of value in what I have learned that you can use for reaching your goals.

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