Ever Felt Powerless?

You can change your belief when you are aware the belief is the problem and not other people.

Here is an example of a subtle way someone gives away her power:
I recently had a conversation with a client I will call Jane whose life purpose is The Artist with Heart. People with this life purpose frequently have experiences where they feel like they do not fit in. They are meant to stand out from the crowd and see things differently and creatively, but that can leave them feeling like a misfit at times.

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Jane’s life lesson is Powerlessness. That means she believes she doesn’t have power, even when she does, and thus feels like a victim rather than speaking up and taking responsibility for what is going on.

Jane works on a team of three early childhood educators and they have an agreement that when it’s large group time one will lead the large group activity and the other two will participate to support her. Last week when the time came for the activity to begin, the two others left the group to Jane and went off do paperwork instead of helping.

Instead of speaking up and reminding the two of their commitment, she did the activity alone and seethed about their lack of support. Later recounting the incident, Jane complained about how much she hated going to work. She was silent when I asked her why she didn’t remind them. Partly this comes from her belief that people are difficult, don’t support her, she doesn’t fit in etc. There’s a whole list of these types of limiting beliefs underpinning the action.

She stated that she would do the same to them the next day when it was another’s turn to lead the group.

With the negative energy charge that she has for this belief, she also frequently draws experiences where people are not there for her. Thus her belief continues to be confirmed.

The other challenge is her life lesson coming up. She is giving away her power regularly to her limiting beliefs and by not speaking up she has given her power away to these two people.

The question I asked Jane was, “Do you want a solution that will remedy the situation or do you want to be right about how people are never there for you?”

Have you had an experience or two like Jane’s? What limiting belief would you have to examine and let go of to change your experience of powerlessness? Knowing your life lesson and purpose can speed the process by identifying the typical challenges you’ll have. When you’re aware of them it is so much easier to make a plan to handle them so you feel more powerful in your life.

With warmest regards,


Rosemary Heenan
The Heart Activist

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Ever Felt Powerless? — 1 Comment

  1. Wonderfully written Rosemary and so appropriate. We constantly give our power away and then we get angry that we have no power. If only we could always remember who was in charge of that power, perhaps it wouldn’t happen so often or become a cycle.