Eidetics Can Help You Become a Better Parent

We all know we learn by example, right?

I learned how to be a parent through my growing up years. I was aware of many of the things my parents did and said. Those things were ones I was either determined to not do or motivated to repeat.

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But what about all the subtle looks, gestures and actions that I couldn’t remember but had an equally or more profound impact on me? Those I unconsciously adopted and was completely unaware I had.

Through viewing my parents in my eidetic images, I’ve had the pleasure of having them show me their love and listen to me completely, understand me and get me. They love and appreciate me for who I am; no conditions at all. In my images they play with me, cuddle me, take care of me, encourage me and so much more. I experience having everything I truly wanted from them.

Now that I have had the experiences through my images, I am very aware of how good they make me feel and I find I naturally choose to act in more loving, supportive ways to my adult daughter than I ever could before.

I wish I had discovered Eidetics when she was young, and I am so glad I have the opportunity now to be the kind of parent I would have liked to have been.

The images are giving me what I needed so much that it is as if it happened in reality. I am developing self love and the confidence I expect I would have had if my parents had been the way they are in the images.

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Eidetics Can Help You Become a Better Parent — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for putting this so beautifully. I’ve noticed this for myself too – that I understand on a core level now how we really affect one another. It’s humbling, profound, deeply moving, and has certainly made me a better person and partner. I’m so glad this was your experience – glad for you, and of course for your daughter and generations beyond.

    Wendy Yellen

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