Don’t Let a Lie Keep You From Living Your Dreams

business dreamsDo you have a big vision of what you want to do in the world?

Have you made a definite commitment and regularly work on the goals that will take you to your vision?

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Awesome! Congratulations for living your purpose.

Or, do you have a vision but hold yourself back by comparing yourself to others and deciding you are not as good as they are?

Stop It!!!

“I’m not good enough” is a lie.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to pursue your heart’s desire, comparisons that are based on “better or worse than” should have no place in your decisions.

There is no one else in the world just like you. No matter who else is doing similar work to you, if your heart is calling you to do it, it must be possible for you to succeed. (Note I said heart and not mind here.)

A persistent calling from your heart is a sign of your life purpose.

Yes, you will definitely need to learn some things in order to be successful. When you watch others who have succeeded in what you want to do, you may notice they are better at some skills than you. They may be better public speakers. Or their marketing is more effective than yours. Comparing this way, you can decide to learn to be a better speaker and to hire someone else to do your marketing. But do not compare and feel you are not good enough to do the same type of work.

“I’m not good enough” is a lie.

dreams of successIf you are a relative beginner at something, here is some great advice I got from my mentor, David Neagle. He taught me that no matter what skill level I am at, there is always a market needing just that. I think that is excellent advice and it helped me be confident in delivering his material. If someone is way beyond me in terms of their success, they will choose him as their mentor. For those who aren’t, I am at the right level for them now.

This is true for you as well. And, in time as you do your work, you will increase your skills and become even better. That is the road to success.

David illustrates this point with a story of someone learning to play violin. If the beginner watches an expert violinist and does not recognize the years of practice that has made the person the artist she is today, the beginner may give up, thinking he will never be that good.

“I’m not good enough” is a lie.

Do not give up on your heart’s desire. Do not quit or try half-heartedly. Commit to doing whatever it takes to succeed.

There’s a phrase I heard years ago from Dr. Wayne Dyer. It’s “Don’t die with your music still in you”. It’s a phrase I live by. If I am still alive, there are more people I can serve by living my purpose. I believe that is true for everyone. We each have a purpose for being alive and it is our particular “music” that no one else can play.

Be the best you that is possible.

Learn the skills you need to succeed.

Identify what those are objectively and get the training you need or hire someone who is already skilled at those.

Keep going back to your hand analysis reading for clues to what makes you unique in the work you do. My purpose is to be a “Healer with Heart”. That means in my coaching work, my best talent is in helping people see the best in themselves. I help people believe they deserve to have what they want. I help people overcome their challenges, particularly their life lesson, so they can really live with purpose and passion and make a great income doing so.

Please don’t let a lie stop you from living your dreams. Don’t go to your death without playing all the music in you.

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