Do You Belong in the Spotlight But Feel Like You Don’t Fit In?

Have you spent most of your life looking around at family and friends or co-workers wondering why there’s no one else like you?

This is one of the biggest challenges the Creative faces. Creative is the life purpose of those who are artistic or innovative. Creatives see things in different and new ways and their purpose is to share their unique creations with the world.

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However it’s awfully uncomfortable to feel like you don’t belong anywhere so they often squelch down their uniqueness and conform to fit in. That is not the answer for their soul though and it leaves them unsettled and unsatisfied.

Some Creatives choose the opposite path and do their best to stand out, often in objectionable ways, with the intent to be the cause of others’ disapproval rather than at the effect. They are really saying “I will do my best to ensure you reject me and then it won’t hurt as much as it does when I am caught off guard by your rebuff”.

Creatives are meant to be in the spotlight and with their experiences of standing out they can be pretty apprehensive about putting their creative expressions out for the world to see.

One of my clients shared a story of being in a family of seven children and being teased and picked on by her siblings. She was quite young and knew that this was wrong because she was “someone famous” and they shouldn’t be doing mean things to her. Of course that brought on more abuse and ridicule. However, she was connected to her soul purpose from a very early age. Having her hands read was confirmation for her that she had been right at age four that she was meant to be in the spotlight.

A good motto for Creatives is “always be true to yourself”. Find your unique creative expression and put it out there. The chances are good you will find an appreciative audience. If you think about your favourite musician and how much you enjoy her/his music, you know the whole world does not feel the same way about this artist. However, if the artist didn’t perform because the whole world wasn’t a fan you would miss out. The same is true for you.

Remember this wise advice from Dr. Wayne Dyer – “Don’t die with your music still in you!”

About the author: Rosemary Heenan is a certified life coach and hand analyst. Rosemary spent over 31 years working with people as a college professor. She now works as a creation specialist coaching people through the process of matching up their life purpose in their hands with how they express themselves in the world.

Rosemary offers private consultation, group processes, hand analysis and corporate team building. Group rates offered for mini-readings at your parties.

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Do You Belong in the Spotlight But Feel Like You Don’t Fit In? — 2 Comments

  1. This is me to a “T”. It is very difficult for me to put my self out there and I find I hide myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually because I am afraid of the rejection that I feel will inevitably come.
    On the upside though, there are many times when I receive loving feedback from strangers after they have experienced me being in the spotlight that prove to me that, that is where I belong and is ultimately where I am most comfortable.
    Thanks for sharing this Rosemary! A wonderful article, insightful and extremely beneficial to everyone!

  2. Hi Jenn,
    Yes, what you’re describing is classic for your life purpose. When it’s inverse has us in its grasp we are powerless to express ourselves authentically and live that very purpose our souls are calling us to.
    Keep on the path my friend. The world is served by your passion for Reiki and your excellent service.