Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

I’m writing today from a beautiful hotel room in Phoenix Arizona. I ate breakfast accompanied by the sounds of fountains, on a cloudless blue sky day with the sun shining on me. I had one of those rushes of gratitude and appreciation of the good in my life.

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I’m here to participate in the 2nd training of David Neagle’s Miracle of Money Coaching Certification. I am so grateful to be able to re-train in this program which is changing my life and the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

I think one of David’s gifts is his ability to connect things we experience as human beings to all of nature. When I listen to the comparison, it makes it clear to me that when we take away the voice of our limited programming, our fearful ego, and society’s negative beliefs, and just look at ourselves like every other living thing, Truth is there.

Last week on a call for his Art of Success 11program, David said something that prompted my question for this newsletter. In speaking about desire, he said, “Desire is closely tied to our purpose. Every form of life has a purpose for being in its physical expression. Everything required for the fulfillment of that purpose must be included within it…. and

The oak tree is not supposed to be suffering from a lack of rain. Just the same no human is meant to be poor and suffer.”

In order to live your life fully, you need the means to do that. For humans, that is money. It takes money to educate yourself. It takes money to live comfortably so that you don’t have to focus all your attention on your survival. It takes money to operate your business.

When your business is based on your life purpose, then you must have the means to make that happen by virtue of you being born with that purpose.

However, you were taught that money doesn’t grow on trees; that you have to work hard, that you have to trade your life for a salary and depend on a pension in your later years as your reward.

Guess what. That’s a load of crap!

Human rules are designed to allow a few people to control others. These rules were accompanied by threats that ensured they would be followed a. Then they were passed down from one generation to another. What you were taught about money is a lie designed to keep you under the control of a feudal lord from centuries ago.

It’s time to update the programming. It’s time to learn the truth about money. It’s time for you to live the purpose for which you were born.

The truth is your desire comes from God. It is God’s way of communicating with you and the money you need to live your purpose is a close as your breath.

I have a request for you. Re-read that last paragraph and pay attention to how you feel when you read it.
Does it set you free? Do you feel lighter, less tense and more hopeful? That’s how you can tell when something is True. It sets you free.

So back to my original question, are you living your purpose? Do you love your work? Do you feel like there’s nothing else you would rather do with your working time? Do you recognize the unique contribution you’re making?

If you’re answering “no” then wouldn’t now be a good time to change that? How many more days, months, or years are you willing to trade your life and your vital energy for work that isn’t fulfilling?

If you know your purpose, what you absolutely love to do, but you are not doing it for fear you cannot make enough money or that it wouldn’t give you a pension, or that almost no one makes a living doing it, then what I recommend is Miracle of Money coaching. I can teach you how to think, what to believe and how to act so you can live your purpose and make all the money you need and want.

If you aren’t clear on your life purpose, then a hand analysis reading will tell you what your soul’s intention is for you in this lifetime. Your fingerprints hold the key to your unique purpose. They can be scientifically analyzed to determine your purpose and what you must work on to live that full out.

I will have a few openings available for a complimentary strategy session. Go to and make an appointment to explore how Miracle of Money coaching can change your life or get your questions about hand analysis answered.

Just like the oak tree growing where all the rain it needs falls, you too have everything you need to live your purpose fully. The world needs what you came here to share. Why else were you born?

Live Events:
I will be speaking on The Miracle of Money next Saturday November 10. There’s still time to get your ticket for the event, Some AHH in Your Life, taking place from 9:00-4:30 at the Hilton, Riverside Drive. You will hear presentations by seven powerful speakers for only $65.00 with lunch included. Tickets available at Absolute Chiropractic, 519-967-8592 or online at

I hope to see you there. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the John McGivney Centre.

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