The Alchemy of Faith

Are you aware you have an alchemical force you can use to receive what you desire?
You do, and it is your faith.

I am not speaking about religious beliefs here, rather a faith that is certainty that what you ask for is yours.

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Faith is belief that will you have what you desire; confidence that it is yours before you see it in material form.

This is where the alchemy comes in. When you ask, you must have faith that your request is granted before you see the evidence of it in material form. Your faith is what transforms your request into the result.

You accept that your request is granted, express your gratitude for the answer to your request and go about taking action from the certainty that you already have what you desire.

According to Robert Russell in God Works Through Faith, faith “… is an actual power which acts upon our words”. When you ask and believe, you will receive.

I know it sounds very simple yet it is not always easy to do. Most people are not aware of the universal laws which govern us. Most people think they do not have what they asked for until they can see it. However, the Law of Polarity tells you it is here as soon as you have the need.

But you cannot sabotage your words with beliefs that are in conflict or you will focus the power of faith on the limiting beliefs rather that the expressed desires. You will need to release any beliefs that keep you from receiving your request. Beliefs like “I’m not good enough.” “I’m too old.” I don’t know enough.” “It’s only for other people, not me.” Etc. etc. etc.

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Last week when someone asked me how I got started in my business, I shared about how at nearly 60 years old, I left my secure job to follow my life purpose and go into business as a coach and hand analyst. She said to me, “Wow, you really took a leap of faith”. And she was correct. That is what it took.

I recently worked with a friend who is doing the same thing. Rather than find another “good corporate job”, Susan, also in her 60’s, is finally living her purpose as an artist. She has more faith in the possibility of success than in the possibility she may fail. And that will make all the difference.

Do You Have More Faith In What You Don’t Want Than What You Do Want?
Don’t use the power of your faith to create more of what you do not want. That’s what happens when you worry. Worry says I don’t trust I will get what I need in this situation.

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