3 Ways to Know if Shame is Affecting Your Income – Part One

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3 Ways to Know if Shame is Affecting Your Income

I recently heard loud and clear that I have a new message to share and it’s scary because it means I’ll have to be more authentic and open and share some things I didn’t want people to know.

But the desire to share this message won’t go away and I know in my heart it is the exact message some people need to hear. It will help them in a way that only I can do if I share my story.

My message is about shame and how holding shame affects our ability to make all the money we desire.

Many of you have joined my newsletter list through hand analysis readings or articles about hand analysis. When I realized I want to talk about shame and how shame affects our income, I was amazed and yet not completely surprised because my life purpose is to be a healer and my lesson is shame and numbness. I’ve shared before that we cannot fully live our life purpose without healing our lesson. Healers are supposed to work on their own issues, take what we learn and master and then share that with others to be of service.

Shame is not a popular topic because it triggers some deep emotion within. However, if we don’t talk about it, it’s going to keep on taking its toll on us. In this article am going to focus on the affect shame has on our self-esteem and how that lowers our income. I’ll discuss the two others ways to know if shame is affecting your income in future newsletters.

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My biggest issue with shame was with my body. My mother told me I was fat when I was around 11 years old. I didn’t have any perspective at that age and just believed her. Mom started me on every diet that came out but I was never successful at getting all the way to the magic low weight, which lead to even more shame. I could not figure out why I couldn’t just give up eating too much or stop eating the “wrong” foods.  Of course the worse I felt, the more I want to bury those unpleasant feelings in food and the cycle went on forever. I’d feel good if my weight was lower and bad when it was higher.

My shame about my body took a real toll on my self esteem. I always felt as though being overweight was all anyone ever saw in me. I feel good about myself, so didn’t expect others to think much of me either. Consequently I didn’t really believe I deserved to have the success I desired. I questioned my ability to help others. I charged far less than the value my services provided and I charged less than other people with the same or less training and skill.

Without enough income, I almost went out of business a couple of times. That meant giving up on my passion, my dreams and my life purpose. But I could not give up without doing my best to learn what was stopping me.

Are you experiencing shame about something?

If you aren’t sure, answer these two questions.

  1. Do you have all the money you desire?
  2. Is there anything you hope no one ever finds out about you?

If you answered no to the first and yes to the second, chances are you have shame.

What’s the last thing you would want to see written about you on the front page of your local newspaper or posted on social media? What things did you do or have done to you that you hope no one else will ever find out about?

Those are the things you feel shame about and the effort and energy it takes to keep those things hidden costs you your life force, blocks you from being fully authentic and wreaks havoc in your relationships.

Shame lowers our self-esteem and self-esteem is the number one indicator for how well we will do in life.

If our self-esteem is low:

  •  We will not believe in ourselves, no matter how competent we are.
  • We will not aim to reach high goals.
  • We will not believe we deserve to have the best in life.
  • We will not feel confident to go after promotions.
  • If we do get promotions, we won’t be as effective as we could be.
  • We will settle for less in any area of our lives.
  • Our relationships will be less than they could be.
  • Our income will suffer.

Can you relate to any of those?

Fortunately once we are aware we are holding shame, we can begin to work on releasing it and letting it go. To do that requires more than I can write in one article, however I will begin by giving you the technique that will have the most effect. Because our bodies are completely made up of energy, the very first step is to energetically cut the cord to the shame we’re holding. Whenever we are attached to anything, we have energetic and emotional cords holding it to us.

Imagine shame is in front of your body and set the intention to cut the energetic cord you have with it. Now make sweeping, cutting motions down the front of you and say I am cutting my cords with shame. Clap your hands a few times as if to release anything that was stuck to your hands. Notice how you feel.

You may need to do that several times a day over a period of time to completely release the energetic cord; however, you should notice a difference in how your body feels pretty quickly.

You are a divine spark. You have a deep purpose for being here on earth. What you have to offer is essential for some people. Don’t let shame keep you from being fully available to life and to the income you need to live well.

Warmest regards,


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