What Chinese Parents Don’t Know

Chinese parents are being deceived by a company promising to predict their children’s academic future by reading the children’s palms.


The Head Line only describes the current preferred thinking style, not the future possibilities for success.

Now if the parents want some useful information from their children’s hands, they would have their fingerprints analyzed [...]

The Master of Success Life Purpose

We are in the final quarter of the year. Are you on track with all those goals and resolutions you made for 2011? Are you feeling more connected to your Life Purpose? Are you expressing that more than ever? Doesn’t it feel wonderful when you do?

Remember your Life Purpose is your reason for be-ing. [...]

Being Real

I’ve been going through one of those times in my life where I am called to dig deep inside and find out what I value and who I am at my core. It’s been a tough couple of months.

When I want to start writing I find myself waffling between finding an easy topic [...]

Final 3 Top 10 Ingredients to Success

Learned on my way to weight release success!

This concludes this series of the ingredients to success I’ve learned as I have been releasing weight.

If you have ever taken on a life transforming issue you can relate to the joy I feel each day as I experience a completely different relationship with food [...]

Life Purpose Success Tip

Watch out for your Life Purpose being in its inverse. This can cause the same type of challenge as your lesson does. [...]