The Love and Money Connection

The Love and Money Connection – Being Afraid to Lose Other’s Love Was Keeping Me Poor

As part of my certification training to be a Miracle of Money Mentor, David Neagle coached me around what stopped me in the past from doing whatever it would take to be successful in my business. For me it [...]

Is Your Life Purpose to Live Your Passions?

Is Your Life Purpose to Live Your Passions?

You may be asking isn’t everyone supposed to live their passions? My answer is both yes and no.

It’s important for all of us to do what we love, but those who have a left index finger life purpose must put their passions first or they will [...]

It’s All in the Connection

It’s All in the Connection

If you have the Master of Family and Relationships Life Purpose you will be working on developing yourself in two areas. One is about establishing and nurturing close connections with other people while you maintain your own identity. The other is taking great care of your physical well-being.

In mastery [...]

What Chinese Parents Don’t Know

Chinese parents are being deceived by a company promising to predict their children’s academic future by reading the children’s palms.

The Head Line only describes the current preferred thinking style, not the future possibilities for success.

Now if the parents want some useful information from their children’s hands, they would have their fingerprints analyzed [...]

What Do You Want To Say? – Messenger Life Purpose

What Do You Want to Say? – Messenger Life Purpose

Are you over-bearing and dominating in your communication style or so soft-spoken or meek you cannot be heard? Are you trying to convince people you have their answers? As with any purpose, growth occurs when you grapple with the challenges involved. Do you struggle to [...]