Heart Power Coaching helps you reactivate the passion locked in your heart, resulting in the experience of exuberance and joy.

You owe it to yourself to live your best life.  Don’t let self-doubts, limiting beliefs and feeling undeserving stop you any longer.  You have everything you need right inside you.  Use the power of your heart to transform your life.

“Rosemary Heenan is one of those rare coaches who addresses the whole person… body, mind, and spirit. Her work in divining the road map for a given life is exceptional, and is extremely empowering for her clients. Not only does Rosemary use unique tools like hand print analysis, but she listens, really listens, with her own heart. I highly recommend Rosemary as a coach.”
~ Mary Alberici PhD

Thank you for the wonderful session. I actually felt quite relieved after I spoke with you; like a renewed faith that things would be ok. That same night I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. I’d gotten the book Think and Grow rich before but could never ‘digest’ any of what I read. Last night things started making sense! Thank you so much, you’ve helped me more than all the self help books I’ve read so far! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! ~ Hilda

Imagine how you’ll feel when you recognize that you already have within you everything you need to live your life with love, passion and purpose!

Let me help you get back in touch with your own heart’s desires.  Stop living your life half-heartedly.  Reconnect with your passions and you will create a magnificent life!  Live with passion and purpose.


Your Life Purpose is in Your Hands

Why Are You Still Struggling?
Finding the Answer to this Important Question Is the Key to Your Success
Carrie, Sarah and Natalie were all looking for answers.
Carrie was so afraid of being seen as her true self she became invisible in groups.
Sarah’s to-do list was a mile long and she always felt guilty for things that were not her responsibility.
Natalie hid buckets of talent from the world because one grade five teacher told her she couldn’t sing.
All three had their own challenges, and all three found the answers in hand analysis.

Your fingerprints are your life’s blueprints. They hold the keys that can unlock the mysteries of who you really are.

You may not be aware of this, but if you look closely at your hands you’ll see an entire landscape of your personality, what drives you in the present day, what your past reveals and even what your future may hold. When you are equipped with this powerful knowledge you possess the ability to make some amazing pro-active changes in your life.

In my coaching work, I help clients create ideal strategies for navigating through the challenges of their lessons (“lessons” are what the handprints reveal).

Have you always secretly wanted to be on centre stage – up in front of a large crowd singing your heart out or moving people with your motivating message?

Are you the one everyone goes to with their problems because you listen well and somehow know the right words to say?

Perhaps you’re a leader who can see a clear vision of where a project is headed and you wonder why no one else seems to be able to have the same picture.

Those are some of the life purposes your fingerprints will reveal.

Here is what a Hand Analysis has revealed for just a few of my clients, in their own words:
• I am a healer. I felt arrogant before when I thought I had these gifts.
• I really am supposed to be up on stage, in the spotlight and even famous.
• I sabotage myself when I don’t feel I have power in certain situations or with certain people.
• It’s okay for me to want to put my family first and be there with my children in the evenings and weekends when they are home.
• I’m here to make a difference
• I do have what it takes to be a leader.
• It’s essential for me to true to myself and not over-conform so others will like me.
• I should listen to my intuition and trust it more.

Here’s how it works:
Think of the prints as your soul’s intention for this lifetime and the rest of your hand is a reflection of your personality.
Your fingerprints were formed when you were in the womb and they stay the same throughout your life.
The rest of your hand changes in several ways, depending on a number of factors, events and circumstances throughout your life.
You may have an extra reservoir of talent, extra gifts that you can tap into to enhance your success, however you define success. This can be uncovered by gift markings on your hands.
Most people go through life completely unaware that they hold the keys to their success literally in the palm of their hands!
Now you may be wondering if hand analysis is different from palm reading and my answer to you is “Yes”. Hand analysis won’t predict the future, but it will reveal things about yourself that will help you alter your future for the better.

Rosemary is a true and gifted healer. My time spent with her during my hand analysis session was inspiring and life changing. As we discussed what was found in my hand prints I felt a deep sense of love and gratitude for myself that I have never in my 37 years felt. I have spent my whole life apologizing for who I was and after seeing my life map on my hands, it showed me the perfection that lies in the being that is me and my heart swelled with pride at all that I am.

Rosemary takes the time to listen to the revelations that come to mind during a hand analysis, she lovingly guides you to better understanding and she leaves no stone unturned in her quest to gift you with the knowledge of self that lies in your hands.

I will not soon forget my time with Rosemary and the gift that she offered to me that day. I recommend this experience to anyone who is seeking more from life. It was brilliant and awe inspiring.
~ Jenn Merritt Reiki Master State of Being

Hand Analysis offers you these gifts.  Once you learn the secrets in your hands you can make the choice to take new actions based on what you learn.  It’s really that simple.  Your life purpose is in your hands!  So is your life lesson!  Your fingerprints reveal both of these.

Hand Analysis Benefits

  • discovering your true life purpose and how to fully live it
  • understanding why you struggle with one or more areas of life by uncovering your life   lesson and getting clear direction of what you could do to navigate around that
  • learning more about your gifts and how to use those both for yourself and to help others

“Dear Rosemary, my purpose in getting my hands analyzed was to gain clarity in my life purpose. I was not aware of the depth of information contained in my hands. I now have a blueprint of all my soul’s gifts. I was delighted to receive a summarized copy of my gifts and talents so that I can reflect on these as life’s obstacles start to get in my way. I’ve had such revelations and I see things with greater clarity. Having a Hand Analysis is the best thing I ever did for myself, I only wish I had done it sooner!”
~ Shelley Elliott

Hand Analysis can be completed from a distance. I’ll send you the instructions and special ink paper for making prints.  You’ll mail the prints back to me and then we’ll have a phone conversation which will be recorded for you. Fee: $297.00

email to order


It’s a fun form of exercise that’s good for everyone.  It strengthens your immune system, helps you alleviate the negative effects of stress and makes you feel good in the here and now.

Laughter Yoga began in 1995 in India with Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician who was impressed by all the research on the health benefits of laughter.  Dr Kataria started a laughter club with a four other people in a park in Mumbai, India in 1995.  Now Laughter Yoga is in 60 countries around the world and there are over 60,000 laughter clubs.

Dr. Kataria’s official Laughter Yoga website:

Laughter Yoga cultivates our childlike playfulness through the use of laughter, deep breathing and stretching movements.  A laughter yoga session may also involve some clapping or speaking or singing in gibberish, a language of sounds without meaning.

You don’t need to have any previous experience, equipment or a particular form of clothing to practice. There aren’t any contortions or fancy movements and you don’t even need to be happy or have a sense of humour to get the benefits from a Laughter Yoga session.

Top 10 Reasons to Laugh:

      1. Laughter is a stress buster…it actually changes our body chemistry


      2. Laughter strengthens the immune system


      3. Laughter promotes inner tranquility and relaxation


      4. Laughter Yoga is aerobic exercise


      5. Laughter is internal jogging


      6. Laughter is a Natural Pain Killer


      7. Laughter can lower blood pressure


      8. Laughter can alleviate depression and anxiety


      9. Laughter improves lung capacity


    10. Laughter allows us to be playful and to just feel good

Laughter Yoga on the Phone

Created by my dear friend, the amazing Gaga Barnes, Laughter Yoga on the Phone unites people the world over in remarkable, spontaneous and hilarious sessions of laughter.

Laugh away your troubles, your pains, your fears and have lots of fun.

Go to Gaga’s website for a list of times of the calls during the rest of the day.

Call 712-432-3900 and enter pass code 6071292#