Good Thing I Was Wearing My Best Pajamas

Good Thing I Was Wearing My Best Pajamas!

“Fire! Get out!”

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It was early morning on June 16, when I awoke to this command from my daughter’s friend.

I quickly jumped out of bed feeling very disoriented; I had been in a sound sleep. I ran upstairs and out the front door. As I turned my head, I could see the flames shooting up the back of the house, licking the outside of the windows. All I had on was my pajamas.

Thank God, a woman taking part in the Relay for Life in a complex behind my home; saw the flames and quickly called 911. She drove to the house and banged on the door to wake us up. Definitely a guardian angel, she took my daughter and I to her van where we would have warmth and safety. Together, we stayed there watching as the fire fighters worked diligently to put out the fire.

After an hour or so, we left the warmth of the van and went to a neighbour’s house where we spent the rest of the night. My neighbour loaned me his sweatshirt, socks and sandals to keep warm.

The rest of the night was surreal. All night I kept reminding myself of what was really important, no one was hurt and we had insurance.

And, believe it or not, these words kept running through my head, “It’s a good thing I was wearing my best pajamas.”

The house burned so badly we will not be able to return for many months.

In the three weeks since the fire, I have learned so much about myself and others and I think what I’ve learned is worth sharing.

One perspective I take is to view life through the filter of hand analysis. If you’ve been a long time reader, you know my life purpose is to be the Healer with Heart. My school is Love and my lesson is to “Stuff my Feelings”.

The School of Love is the school of the emotions and relationships, both with self and others. Those two areas have been highlighted throughout this time.

Learning to be emotionally authentic is essential in the School of Love; however, because of my lesson I am challenged to allow myself to feel and express my feelings. It’s easier for me to push them down and ignore them; pretend I don’t have them and just soldier on.

This also ties into my life purpose as a Healer. This purpose calls on us to heal ourselves first and then use what we have learned to help others.

When you go through a traumatic experience like this, it’s essential to allow yourself to experience everything you need.

I’ve had times where I break down and sob and I have no idea why I was so upset. I had to just let go and cry. I had to be vulnerable and do this in front of other people, because I couldn’t control when the grief needed expressing. This is not easy for me. It’s been a good learning experience and necessary as the feelings need to be felt and expressed and I must be authentic.

Relationships are another key aspect of my school and I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by friends, family and colleagues who came to my aid.

There is no way I could tell you everything my dear friend Linda has done for me. This is just a brief outline. The morning of the fire, she told me I could live with her. She and her children cleaned and made a comfortable place for me that day. I arrived about 7:30 that night after no sleep and had a hot shower, a lovely meal and I’ve been comfortable ever since.

Linda jokingly referred to herself as my press secretary as she managed all the phone calls and information requests on Facebook.

People want to help. They wanted to know what I needed and what they could do for me. I learned how generous and kind my community is.

I had become really used to being the pillar of strength and the one who takes care of others. The fire gave me the opportunity to be vulnerable and allow others to take care of me for a time. That was not easy for someone so used to being independent.

I tried to push myself to do more than I was ready for and had to pay closer attention to my emotions and my body when signs of overdoing it appeared. Anyone I have coached would laugh at how ironic this is; my coaching advice is always put to yourself first and be selfish in the healthy sense of the word. Once again, “healer, heal thyself”.

The third aspect of the School of Love is to love myself unconditionally. I’ve been embracing unconditional self love in my newest coaching certification program also. The fire experience gave me a great opportunity to live this.

Since the fire, people have been commenting on what a positive attitude I have. They are amazed that I quickly asked for support to get back to work again. I refused to feel like a victim.

I attribute my ability to be so resilient to the mindset mastery I am developing because of David Neagle’s Miracle of Money™ program.

In March, I became a David Neagle Certified Coach, Miracle of Money™ Mentor. That training and my recent teaching of the program exposed me to concepts I had read and heard before. David tells us if you do not live by a concept, you do not really know it. I’ve been changing myself and my life because of what he’s taught me. My experience with the fire showed me just how much I have learned.

I believe everything that happens to us is for our own good. If you had asked me six months ago if a fire could be seen as a positive I don’t think I would have answered “yes”. Today I can honestly say I see the opportunities and blessings it’s bestowed.

I am focused on where I am going next. I am handling everything that needs to be handled. And I am excited about all I have to share with others to help them in their lives.

How would you like to be able to sail through life more smoothly, recover from trauma quickly and not let circumstances stop you from living your purpose?

Join me in the next Miracle of Money Program™ titled Money Mindset Mastery.

In six weeks you can learn the key concepts you need to change the beliefs that are keeping you from having the life you want. Money touches every aspect of our lives. The concepts in this program will give you the freedom to live the life you desire.

Thursday evenings beginning Thursday August 2

Time: 7:00-8:30pm

Location: Pelee View 368 Seacliff Dr. W. Leamington, ON N8H 4E1

Investment: $495.00

You will receive the original recordings and transcripts of David Neagle teaching The Miracle of Money™ Program, a $297.00 value.

I welcome your questions – email or call 519-919-3473.

Online registration at:

You could experience results like Sheri Baldwin, a participant in my recent program.


Sheri Baldwin  

A few years ago I started my Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre business based in my passion for spiritual healing and readings. It took me almost two years to create a website myself as I didn’t think I could afford to pay someone to do it for me. I rarely got an order from it and I didn’t know how to take it further, how to get it out there, or how to believe that I could make a living doing what I love.

When you had the introduction to the Miracle of Money Program I was excited and knew that I needed to take that big leap of faith and sign up for this course.

I didn’t have the money to pay for the program but I decided I was going to have this course paid for prior to the start date. I didn’t want to ask anyone for help. This was about me and I wanted to do this on my own.

My other small business involves bookkeeping and preparing income taxes but it also generates income sporadically and never enough to pay all my bills. So I was nervous about where I was going to get the money for your program.

Amazingly, I picked up some new customers and two of my bigger customers who usually procrastinate gave me their taxes early this time. I was able to pay the final payment the morning the course started. In essence, this was my own personal money miracle victory. I wasn’t out of the hole yet, however it felt great to be able to do this.

My first ‘big moment came the day you showed me how to price myself according to what I was worth and not what I thought people would pay. I, like so many others, had trouble accepting that if I raised my prices that people would come. Again, I took a leap of faith and raised the price of my readings to more than double what I was charging.  Within an hour of raising that price, I had an order from Germany. What a confirmation that I was doing the right thing!

Every week I received an order from somewhere around the world and I was so very grateful for this. I raised my prices in every area of my business and everyone paid without a question.

I still read through my binder, my notes and listen to the CD’s over and over again.  I know without a doubt what my magnificent obsession is (or are – as there are two areas right now) and am moving forward every single day. I use my 4 questions quite often and have actually walked away from some things because of how the answer turned out, where before I would have jumped on it just to get the couple of dollars that it would pay.
I would like to thank you for giving me the tools to believe in myself and the confidence to go out of my comfort zone. I believe in myself and I am working on those “smack me in the face blocks” that I hit and I find a way through each and every one of them. I know I would still be stuck had I not taken this course from you.

Thank you Rosemary, you are an amazing teacher and friend.

Love and light to you always, Sheri Baldwin, RT









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