Final 3 Top 10 Ingredients to Success

Learned on my way to weight release success!

This concludes this series of the ingredients to success I’ve learned as I have been releasing weight.

If you have ever taken on a life transforming issue you can relate to the joy I feel each day as I experience a completely different relationship with food [...]

Your Hands Will Prove There’s Nothing Wrong With You

If you’ve struggled with the same problem most of your life, wouldn’t you be relieved to learn the reason why?  Are you “hiding out” like one of my clients?  Carrie was so afraid of being seen as her true self she became invisible in groups.  Are you suffering from nagging guilt no matter how much [...]

Healing is Remembering Who We Are

I used to think that healing myself meant to fix myself.  I saw it as releasing limiting beliefs, healing past wounds and improving myself somehow.

Now I recognize that healing is remembering that I am a Divine, spiritual being of love and light.  There is nothing that needs to change for me to be perfect.  [...]

Healers with Heart

Welcome to Heart Power Coaching!

Which of these scenarios describes you and your life?

Number 1 You’re stuck in a job you hate but it pays the bills. Your life lacks meaning and yet you know you could be doing something more fulfilling. You do more for other people than [...]