Life Purpose Success Tip

I’m going to start sending out some tips to support you on your path to Life Purpose Mastery.

Watch out for your Life Purpose being in its inverse. This can cause the same type of challenge as your lesson does.

I’ll give you some examples of how that looks.

Purpose – The Master of Success
Inverse – You’re stopping just short of completion. You do everything but the last step. You start so many projects none of them get done completely or thoroughly so none succeed.

Purpose – Leader
Inverse – You won’t step up to the leadership plate however you will notice everything that could be done better and criticize those in leadership positions.

Purpose – Artist/Creative
Inverse – You are hiding out. You either refuse to share your creative expressions with anyone or you deny you have any creative ability.

Purpose – Messenger
Inverse – You’re mute. You won’t open your mouth and share anything, never mind that message you feel passionate about but won’t deliver.

As you can see you can take any Life Purpose and turn it around into its opposite or inverse. As you make your way through life you will undoubtedly come up against your inverse. Knowing what it is will help you recognize it more quickly. Take that as a challenge to get back into your connection with your purpose.
Remember fulfillment, passion and feeling like you are really on track in your life come when you are expressing your unique purpose.

I love to receive your comments and questions. If you’ve had your hands analyzed and don’t know what your inverse is, please ask.

3 comments to Life Purpose Success Tip

  • Kind of like the Master of Family & Relationships working a 9-5 job with overtime and never spending time with her kids and family?
    Life is maybe more miserable in the inverse than it is in the lesson portion of life? The jury is still out on that one :)
    I will love getting your tips!

  • Cheryl

    I agree with Jennifer. My purpose is Artist/Creative and for quite some time I have been hiding out and refusing to share my creativity with anyone…. and it feels frustrating and very uncomfortable.

    Looking forward to your tips!!

  • Thanks for responding with your experience Cheryl. The good thing about feeling uncomfortable is the motivation that provides to start living on purpose.