What is Your Ideal Day?

What is Your Ideal Day?

For my friend Rose Marie Roach, it’s a day spent hosting fascinating guests, preparing delicious food, styling the plates and serving on her patio at Pelee View, in Leamington Ontario. She doesn’t mind staying up late or rising early to have everything ready so she can join with her guests during the meal and conversation.

Pelee View is Rose Marie’s creation. Her house sits on Lake Erie and has a meeting room completely set up with all you need for a small business meeting; a large table and chairs, a wide screen TV, Wi-Fi, etc. However, this is a room with a view – Lake Erie, blue skies, birds flying and nesting and Pelee Island in the distance. Good thing the monitor faces away from the view!

Take a look at the pictures on her website: http://www.thebrandingexperts.ca/PELEEVIEW/

I was fortunate to share Rose Marie’s ideal day Thursday with Donna Messer, Canada’s Queen of Networking, and a small group of Leamington’s women of influence. There was magic in the air as Donna shared how other Ontario communities have innovatively recreated their image and economy.

Rose Marie had created a breakfast brunch to please everyone’s eye and taste buds. We had our choice of fresh fruit, steel cut oatmeal, banana bread, breakfast casserole, bacon, juice and hot beverages. I’ve undoubtedly forgotten something as there were so many delicious choices. The weather cooperated perfectly and we could dine al fresco on the patio.

It’s so delightful to watch when someone is doing what she loves and does so well. Rose Marie delights in being the creator of an experience like that. Donna Messer connects people all over the world through her company, ConnectUs, which was created based on what she loves to do on her ideal day.


I’ll write more about Donna Messer in another post.

What is your ideal day? I would love to hear from you.

The Love and Money Connection

The Love and Money Connection – Being Afraid to Lose Other’s Love Was Keeping Me Poor

As part of my certification training to be a Miracle of Money Mentor, David Neagle coached me around what stopped me in the past from doing whatever it would take to be successful in my business. For me it was fear of the loss of love from other people. There is a core fear beneath that of someone in my years before age 7, and that transferred over to others as I grew up.

David teaches that love, security and self-esteem are all needs which must be filled within ourselves. Even though I knew that intellectually, I didn’t really because I was not living from that information.

My big breakthrough came through his helping me to realize if someone else’s feelings for me were contingent on something I said or did or felt, I was not receiving their love, but their manipulation. What a realization that has been!

It has made a complete paradigm shift in my world. I now care more about what is best for me and what I want or need than I ever did before. I am more authentic and speak my truth freely. As I love myself more, I also love others more genuinely and not from that needy place. The qualitative difference is quite strong.

This distinction is very much a part of what I came here to master. I have nine loops in my fingerprints and with the life purpose of the Healer with Heart, my mission in this life is mastering interpersonal communication. I am here to learn how to establish closeness and connection with others without losing myself; how to communicate my feelings authentically and receive other’s feelings without trying to change them.

In the past when I was emotionally hurt, I tried to build walls to protect myself from pain. That never worked in any way except to numb me to my feelings. Now I see that becoming more vulnerable and open-hearted when I am in pain brings me the close connection with myself and with others who love me that is the balm that soothes. When I feel the pain, it passes. I’ve learned what I was so afraid to feel doesn’t kill me and doesn’t hold me back either.

I am a far more effective Healer/Coach because when I know it’s in my client’s best interests for me to probe and ask more powerful questions to help them see where they are stopping and keeping themselves from achieving their goals I do that rather than step over it for fear they will get upset with me.

My business is growing and I am reaching more people and earning more money than ever before. In fact I’ve already earned more than 70% of last year’s total business income in the two months since I did the certification program.

I would love to share this with you if you want to figure out what is holding you back from the success you desire.

You too can create miracles with money and in other areas of your life when you learn and act on the concepts taught in The Miracle of Money Program.

I will be starting a teleseminar series of  The Miracle of Money Program soon.

You can listen to 3 Key Concepts to Break Free from Your Limiting Money Story, an introduction to the program here:


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Don’t waste any more time when you could be enjoying more money and joy right now!

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Is Your Life Purpose to Live Your Passions?

Is Your Life Purpose to Live Your Passions?

You may be asking isn’t everyone supposed to live their passions? My answer is both yes and no.

It’s important for all of us to do what we love, but those who have a left index finger life purpose must put their passions first or they will suffer.

Sometimes my clients aren’t happy to find out they have this life purpose. Can you guess why?

Do you remember being a child and imagining all you would love to be, do or have? I bet you had no limits on your desires and your imagination was full of possibilities.

Did the adults around you encourage you to go for your dreams or tell you to be realistic?

Most of us were told our dreams were not possible. Many children are laughed at and ridiculed for their dreams and that hurts. So they just stop dreaming.

If this happened to you and Following Your Passions is your life purpose, you may be completely disconnected from what you desire. Your first task then is to spend time dreaming again and asking yourself, “If I knew I could not fail and money were not factor, what would I like to do?”

It may take some time for your answers to form because initially you will be thinking from the mindset of your current reality. You will say, “But how can I do that?”, or “That’s just not possible for me.” Remind yourself to take off the limits and get into the flow of the dream. Where would you live? What kind of house in what kind of neighbourhood? What kind of work would you love to do? Who would you like to work with and where would you like to carry on your work?

In order for you succeed in living your passions you will have to step into your personal power. That can be a challenge for people with this purpose. Your passions have to be fueled with emotion and action to succeed. You will also need good boundaries and be willing to put your own needs ahead of others. (With the exception of caring for young children and even then you may need to make yourself a higher priority than you have been doing.)

If you are worried about making a living from doing what you love, start by adding more of the things you enjoy doing into your spare time and just work enough to pay your bills. You may find in time you become so highly skilled at one of those things, you can turn it into your business.

The Greatest Love of All

The Greatest Love of All

You were born for a reason. Your life has meaning and purpose. When you know your purpose, you have a vision that can inspire you to make a difference in the world, to keep on going when life gets tough and it will at times. Your purpose calls on you to become the best you can be; to inspire others and do something only you can do.

This takes courage my friend! It is not for the faint of heart.

This past week we saw a beautiful, talented woman and mother lose her life. This woman had it all, yet did not love herself enough to get off drugs and alcohol. The world has been mourning Whitney Houston’s passing and I bet many people are saying to themselves, see money doesn’t buy happiness. They get to stay right about the lack of abundance they are experiencing and justify it when they see someone like Whitney live in pain and addiction rather than thrive joyfully with all her talent.

Today I kept hearing the lyrics of The Greatest Love of All in my mind. How ironic that Whitney’s beautiful voice sang those words, over and over, yet she didn’t integrate them for herself.

Am I like that in some areas? Yes. Are you? Yes. We all preach our own struggle. Integrity would call on us to listen to what we preach and make sure we are taking our own advice.

“I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be”

So many teachers love these words and do their best to live them in their work with children. What greater gift could anyone give a child than to show them all the beauty they possess inside? And then add in a sense of pride to make it easier to be themselves and do what they came on earth to do.

“The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.”

If that were true Whitney and all of us would not struggle as much as we do. What it does take though is a commitment – a decision to love ourselves no matter what. No conditions – just because we exist. Whew, breathe that in. State it loud and clear, “I love myself just the way I am.”

“Learning to love yourself, It is the greatest love of all.” Yes, this is Truth. Who would you be and what would you do if you loved yourself unconditionally? I bet you would be so magnificent and do so much more for both yourself and others that it would blow your mind.

I am not saying we couldn’t all improve, but I know for certain that shame around anything robs you of your power to take positive action to change. Shame may make you aware of the need to change, but unless you make a shift into an emotion with more strength to it you will stay stuck where you are. Shame can make you feel powerless and hopeless. Get angry with yourself and you will do something about it.

Do you know what your Life Purpose is? Did you know your purpose can be found in your hands How would your life be more inspiring, on track, meaningful and dynamic if you were living that life purpose on a daily basis. You can get a map to follow, your own inner GPS system to guide you when you have your hands analyzed.

Yes, it does take courage to get the information and then commit to living it. The good news though is that it is totally worth whatever it takes to make your purpose a living, breathing part of you. It will call on you to develop all that it will take to make that happen. And that’s a good thing because it will stretch you and inspire you too.

Don’t wait another day. Book your appointment now! info@rosemaryheenan.com


Investing in Yourself

Investing in Yourself

I am very excited to be learning and applying Universal Laws in my life. I went to a David Neagle Breaking Free Live event in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago. One of the things David taught was when you are having a sales conversation with people and they tell you they cannot afford your programs, look and see where you are not willing to pay for programs yourself. Other people just mirror to us how we are.

It’s so interesting to me as  would have said I completely understood the concept of mirroring, yet I had not thought to apply it to this area of my life.

I decided to commit myself to his new coaching certification program. This will help me to support myself in consciously living from Universal Laws and I will be able to coach others in the Miracle of Money.

I am already experiencing the truth of how much I am willing to invest will result in others being willing to pay me for my programs. It’s fun and exciting to live in alignment with Truth instead of with the limiting beliefs I was programmed with.

I look forward to sharing more of my experiences with consciously creating my life as I desire.



It’s All in the Connection

It’s All in the Connection

If you have the Master of Family and Relationships Life Purpose you will be working on developing yourself in two areas. One is about establishing and nurturing close connections with other people while you maintain your own identity. The other is taking great care of your physical well-being.

In mastery you are the connector of people, helping workplace, friendship, networking or teams gel and get along well together. However, as with any Life Purpose, the path to mastery will take you through challenges and give you experiences to hone your skills. Thus your family of origin may have not appreciated you, expected you to conform and give up your uniqueness to fit in, or may have been controlling and rigid about what was allowed in the family. Often the person with this purpose leaves home at a young age to escape emotional and even physical abuse.

When you feel unloved and unappreciated a common way of overcoming those unpleasant feelings is to numb out. That can lead to a lack of attention to and awareness of the body’s needs. Thus those with this Life Purpose may be challenged to take proper care of their physical needs.

Your dilemma to work out is how do I maintain the essence of who I am in a group and belong without feeling that I have to keep my distance or over-conform to fit in.

My dear friend Jennifer Merritt has this Life Purpose, along with some others and her life fit the pattern perfectly. I find it exciting to watch Jenn’s commitment to being a “stay at home” mom while still building her career as an intuitive life coach who helps families create healthy parent-child relationships. As is often the case learning what not to do teaches you what you could do instead.

Several of my clients with this purpose have been small business owners who create a warm, healthy work environment and their staff loves them and working for them.

The other area of nurturing needed is taking great care of your physical well being. It’s about tuning into your body’s needs for nutrition and exercise and committing to your health. This will help you maintain your capacity for relationships and every other area of your life.

The Unleash Your Awesomeness Summit was a big success with over 40 people connecting and sharing about what awesomeness means to them. We’re hosting a post summit teleconference tonight, Tuesday February 7 at 8:00. We welcome everyone to be on the call and share what’s been coming up for you after the event, ask questions and see what it was all about if you didn’t attend. The bridgeline number is 712-432-3066 and passcode 710673.

What Chinese Parents Don’t Know

Chinese parents are being deceived by a company promising to predict their children’s academic future by reading the children’s palms.


The Head Line only describes the current preferred thinking style, not the future possibilities for success.

Now if the parents want some useful information from their children’s hands, they would have their fingerprints analyzed to determine the child’s Life Purpose. Unlike the Head Line which will change over time if the thinking style changes, the fingerprints are fixed for life.

When you know the Life Purpose you can support the child in going for his/her dreams and that is a far better predictor for life success!

What Do You Want To Say? – Messenger Life Purpose

What Do You Want to Say? – Messenger Life Purpose

Are you over-bearing and dominating in your communication style or so soft-spoken or meek you cannot be heard? Are you trying to convince people you have their answers? As with any purpose, growth occurs when you grapple with the challenges involved. Do you struggle to be heard?

Perhaps you feel as though no one ever listens to you. Or you may find yourself screaming or shouting to be heard. Some of the challenges for Messengers are early experiences of not being listened to or delivering your message to the wrong audience. Both can result in a belief that what you have to say has no value. It’s important for you to discern who is and is who is not your audience. Don’t try to convince those who are not open to listen and heed your message.

This Life Purpose has to do with communication. If you have this purpose, your goal is to figure out what you want to say and how you want to convey your message and then find the appropriate audience. Learning to be a good listener is also essential as excellent communication involves both listening well and speaking clearly.

As you hone your communication skills, you will want to get your message out to the world in some fashion. Taking part in writers’ groups or Toastmasters could be very helpful. This purpose is one that is meant to be done in the public rather than say journal writing that no one else reads.

My client Marianne struggled with being heard. She grew up in a family who believed children should be seen and not heard. That resulted in a belief no one would want to listen to her. When she learned this was her Life Purpose Marianne went to Toastmasters and worked on developing her confidence and skills in public speaking. She was passionate about the environment and found great success in inspiring others to recycle once she found her voice and audience.

If You Are a Creative You Gotta Love Your Uniqueness

If You Are a Creative You Gotta Love Your Uniqueness

If someone is going to get teary on learning her Life Purpose, it’s almost always the Creative. Her challenge is often being different than everyone else and that can be an uncomfortable feeling. Especially when she looks around and sees she is not like other people and then proceeds to tell herself there is something wrong with her. Many “Creatives” are even told by their parents they are weird, unusual, or different in a bad way. What a shame!

Creatives (some other names for this purpose are Individualist or Artist) are here to be on the cutting edge. They see things in new ways and bring a fresh unique perspective to the status quo. Most can relate to Kermit’s famous song, It’s Not Easy Being Green.

Those of us who appreciate differentness welcome their new ideas, but in a society that values conformity, read most schools, Creatives are frequently ridiculed or shamed for their non-conformity. That leads many to feel as though they have to be like everyone else and they squelch their uniqueness and sell out to fit in.

It takes a lot of energy to hold back on your essence and that leaves conformist Creatives feeling apathetic. What a dilemma!

As with most things you fear, the only answer is to do what you are afraid of. For Creatives that is to express themselves authentically. To speak up and share their unique ideas or to paint their way, sing their own song or dance their own way. If I am speaking to you in this article, please share with us whatever your expression is and don’t hold back. I believe we all came here with gifts to give the world and someone is missing out if you won’t share yours.

You can be a Creative and think you are not because you took a painting class and weren’t good at it. I have often had Creative clients tell me this. What you are forgetting is that it takes time and lots of practice and probably several lessons to become skilful in your art, whatever form that takes. If you listen to the voice of your inner critic that tells you you’re awful you may give up before you’ve even really begun. And Creatives have a very loud Inner Critic, so it takes commitment to turn off that voice when it is not being helpful.

I leave you with the wisdom of Dr. Seuss. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Remember no one gets to the Olympics without the support of a coach. To reach the Olympics of your life, contact me at info@rosemaryheenan.com to see if Heart Power Coaching is a good fit for you.

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Your Own Special Life Message Is Right In the Palm of Your Hand
Do you know you have a blueprint for living a purpose-full life right in your hands? Yes, your hands hold your map to a life of purpose, passion and possibility!

Your hands hold four secret clues that unlock the mystery of who you are and what you came here to do. When you subscribe to my newsletter I will send you a series of articles describing these clues and how you can use them to live a life full of passion, purpose and possibilities.

Email Marketing You Can Trust

If “Business” is Your Life Purpose Mastering Money, Commitments and Time Are Essential to You

The middle finger is named after Saturn, the mythical god and planet that rules responsibility, structure and integrity. This purpose centres on commitments, both to yourself and with others. You will need to ensure you evaluate contracts carefully before you commit in order to ensure you can fulfill your part. It’s also important to hold others accountable for their commitments to you.

If Business is your purpose, you will be charged to make your living in work that is aligned with your essence. Working just for the money would compromise your purpose and leave you feeling unfulfilled. Hmm, know anyone this applies to?

Business Life Purpose folks often have a tendency to undervalue their services. Charging the equivalent in what you give in value is crucial to you. In order to do this, you have to be very clear on the value you offer. This isn’t always an easy task and you may struggle with knowing your true worth. Find out what others who do similar work charge and make sure you are asking a similar amount.





One of my clients I will call Suzanne, was working as a teacher when she had her hands analyzed. Business was her purpose, along with Success. That’s the purpose of someone who would probably thrive as a CEO or entrepreneur. However Suzanne was seduced by the salary and benefits of teaching even though she acknowledged her heart really wasn’t in it. Suzanne went along for a couple of years with the money being enough, but realized she was wasting her true gifts. The lack of passion for her work eventually took its toll and she resigned to start her own business. You can see when you talk to her how animated and enthused she is about her work now.

Are you doing work you love and being well paid for it? Or do you see yourself in Suzanne’s story, selling out for a comfortable income, but feeling unfulfilled. Your hands hold the key to your unique Life Purpose and a fulfilling life when you actively engage the essence of who you are in your work. You can save time by using the blueprint in your hands to follow rather than going from one job to another looking for fulfillment.

Contact me at info@rosemaryheenan.com to get your hands analyzed and have your own blueprint. Distance is not an issue for getting your reading. I can mail you a printing kit and instructions.